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Duration of a Workout?


I train 4-5 times a week. 2 sessions a week get up around that, the other 2 are around the 2.5.

Yeah I beg to differ mate, I never would have been able to train as hard and for as long as this naturally.


fair enough.

Do you think you train efficiently?


Do you feel like this is necessary to achieve your goals? Or is it just something you do because you can?


@flipcollar @dagill2 yes and no. Working upto a heavy triple at the weights I’m doing I do think I need plenty of time to warm up to it and then a bit of time before I start upper push but I do believe I could be more efficient and reduce it more then what I’m doing, I just love being at the gym, it’s my time away from home and work in a social environment so I do take my time sometimes.
Also just to add, I’m really fucking unfit so a few sets of 12 rep squats destroys me haha


I genuinely think this is a sign of needing to improve conditioning. I have worked up to a higher weight for a set of 6 post ACL construction in less time.


My squat sessions have been taking 3 hours lately with wraps, and I’m MOVING.

I’m running around, rolling up my wraps, resting, wrapping, squatting. It’s a team effort even with self wrapping.


Just to give you an idea:

BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x10)
405 @ 5x5

Takes me literally 20 minutes. Going from 135 to 385 takes about 5-7 minutes. If I’m being lazy might take 25 minutes total.

It’s crazy how much a difference conditioning makes. I very rarely run out of breath in general now. I remember you and Alpha saying something along the lines of your body will adjust over time, so once I started keeping my rest times strictly between 30-90 seconds, I can now handle heavy ass weights with very little rest in between, even though in the beginning I had to REALLY drop my weights down to keep pace.


Yous probably do have a point there. But each to their own my dudes.

@T3hPwnisher I dont think it’s the weight in itself that matters here, what’s heavy for you is too heavy for me. Doing a heavy triple takes a lot more effort then doing a 6 rep set. Know what I mean?


I feel like it should, simply because there’s only so much possibility of warm-up sets depending on the weight you need to lift.

Like, if your max is 135lbs, I can’t imagine you’re going to take 6 warm-up sets to work up to it from the bar. That’d look something like


and then worksets.

A 600lb squat? Yeah, that’s probably going to take more warm-up sets, which will mean more time.

Same premise on effort. I don’t find rep ranges dictate amount of effort employed. I’ve had singles that felt easy and 20 rep sets where I wanted to die at the end.


Your weight jumps increase with the weight on the bar, I tend only to do 6 warm up sets then hit the working sets. I could easily do a near max effort set of 6 with whatever weight I can do it for with little warm up sets. But trying to do a triple at the weight I can do it at, I reckon I’d break something.
Your right on the rep ranges, i do sets of 12 and i feel like I’m about to die. Maybe effort isnt the right word.
I do find single, doubles and triples take me more time to work into though, I’d just rather avoid an injury then try and rush the session out.


This hasn’t been my experience. I definitely required fewer warm-up sets when I was using lighter weight. Did you find my example of the 135lb squat work up hyperbolic? Because I certainly did.

I find I typically only require 1 additional warm-up set when working up to that rep range. This honestly might be something worth addressing with conditioning work. I think you’d see a big return on investment.


I think your completely disregarding how heavy someone perceives a weight to be. My wife squats 5 @ 75kg. She still does the 5 warm up sets because 75 is balls to the wall heavy for HER. I get what your saying but your missing my point, what’s heavy for one person might he nothing to someone else.

What I mean by the weight increase jumps is, couple years ago I was doing 20kg jumps to my max, now I’m doing 30kg jumps.

I’ve deadlift 240kg x3 and squatting 200kg ×3 in three years of training. Must be doing something right, right?

What works for one may not work for someone else, but why would your change something while its working?


I’m not; I am sharing my experience and perspective. That it is different than yours does not mean I don’t understand yours; it means I disagree.

Must be doing something right, right?

I honestly have no idea; I have never used steroids. I don’t know what is a good rate of progression on them.


Thank you for your insight. It will always be welcome regardless of whether I agree or not.

I’ve put 30kg onto my deadlifts and squats in 8 weeks so not too bad. I’m not sure either on what a good rate of progression is with test cycle.


It seems like you already knew the answer to your question :slight_smile:

I find big growth in short times can in many cases be unsustainable. The effect of intensification vs accumulation.


Yes I definitely agree here. I did hit a bit of a wall after these increases then dropped back a bit, only now just starting to go up in weight again.


Started doing mobility work in between sets and saved 10 minutes while keeping everything else the same, thanks for the suggestion!