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Duration & Carbs While Dieting with MAG-10

Cy or Bill, what duration would you recommend while using Cy Wilson’s “Steroids for Dieting” on MAG-10? 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off? Or, a 6-8 week period?

Also, I feel nauseated by consuming 300g/day of protein with so little carbs (prot powders are getting tough to stomach). Would it make that much difference if I took my carbs up a little over 100g/day, but keep total Calories below 1800/day?

That’s fine, whatever you need to do in order to stick with it bud. Oh, and yes, I really don’t like the 2 on 2 off approach when dieting. Go for 6 weeks on and then take a break.

So you really think we can go longer while mag-10 dieting? I’d hate to lose the strength benefits of Mag-10 by extending it’s use too much. In spite of the reduced cals I’m still gaining strength. Back, chest, and bicep excercises have all increased 5-10 pounds. I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last week. I know some of this is water, but it’s still a bit unreal.

The acne’s not as bad as when I was bulking, the sex drive hasn’t increased as much, and unlike last time I’m definately having some irritability and sleeplessness. All in all, I’m surprised this diet is as easy as it is. I should be on my knees crying for a slice of pizza right now without MD6. I haven’t quite been able to keep my cals as low as 1600 - they’re staying more like 1750 - I’m ok with that as long as the fat loss continues!

Great job so far, gentlemen, on both the drug and diet front!

The reason why I say to use Mag-10 or any androgen for the entire dieting phase is simple. First, why only accelerate fat loss and reduce the loss of protein stores for two weeks, and then throw it all out the window for the following two weeks? Secondly, let’s say you suppress endogenous testosterone levels to some degree while using for two weeks. Well, it has been shown that when you do this, you decrease muscle mass and increase body fat. So, consequently, for those two weeks that you’re waiting to recover, you’re slowing your progress or even going in a reverse direction. I don’t see the point. Instead, use the androgen for the entire time, get the results you want, and THEN come off and use some clomiphene, M, Tribex, Methoxy, or whatever you want.

I did 2 weeks on, now doing 2 weeks off, and was going to follow by going back on 2 weeks. The reason I chose this over 6 weeks straight of dieting is because I don’t think I would remain sane doing 6 weeks of low-carb dieiting ala “The Fat Fast”. Clearly I won’t be at the same point at the end of 6 weeks but I think in the long run this approach is better suited for most people.

My diet isn’t the “Fat Fast.” My diet allows a higher amount of carbs and that’s why I said what I did.