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Duration at the Gym That Important?


I've read so many articles telling me that i should only be lasting 30 - 50 mins a workout to get "great gains" but i've found this very hard to do if your working on abs. For example here is my workout.


a)Squat 3 sets

a)Lungest 3 sets

a)Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 Sets

a)Hamstring Curls 3 sets

b)Donkey Calf Press 2 sets

b)Standing barbell 2 sets

c)Crunches 2 sets

c)Hip Twists 2 sets on right and left side

c) Leg lifts 3 sets

This workout alone would take me 1 hour and about 20 mins? I take 1 to 2 mins rest a set as well. I only work on abs on leg and tricep/shoulder days. Any help?


Looks like you gotta take out the ab work and get the idea of having abz out of your head because if you go over that 50 minutes... kaput.


Time in the gym is SIGNIFICANTLY less important than people make it out to be.

Some people like to get in and out. Others like to take their time. There's no evidence showing one is superior to the other.


so you want me to neglect a body part and never train it? lol


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OP, maybe about 20%** of the guys with awesome bodies on this site train in under an hour. Meaning that roughly 80%** of the TN'ers train for longer than an hour.
Whether you want to listen to magazines that have no research to back up their claims or to actual people making actual progress is up to you.

**Statistics are completely made up and may be more or less correct.


i think im going to stick to get my information from this site more than BB.com lol. Thanks man.


I'm a gi-

Doesn't matter. You're welcome.


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OP, she is completely right. Training time is mostly bullshit. If that whole "under 60 minutes" thing were true then none of the worlds strongest powerlifters would be doin anything right. These guys' squat sessions can easily last upwards of 2, sometimes even 3 hours depending on how many people are training in the group and the equipment they are using.

I don't remember the last time I got everything done in under an hour. Usually if that is the case it is because I had to cut my workout short and am running late, or sick.

By far the more important questions are: 1) how well are you using that time in the gym (ie: are you working hard or wasting time talking) and 2) how well is your workout nutrition planned? (ie: are you taking in enough nutrients before, during, and after to fuel a long workout).


uhh, where did OP said he wants to be the world's strongest powerlifter.


^^^ Exactly.

OP, why do you feel you have to do so much?


Workout duration means very very little. Bust your ass, give 100%, get out and feed yourself.

A lot of people actually rarely achieve the required overload to get a growth response when they restrict the time variable like that. Want a classic example, look at many personal trainers. 1 to 2 hours is still fairly reasonable.



The only thing I would add to this discussion is that you should make sure that you're applying the basic principle of progressive overload to your abdominals. People often just go in and do, say, 2 sets of 50 crunches or whatever week in and week out without ever changing it.

Also, just test it out yourself. Personally, I notice a significant drop in intensity at about the 90 minute point (this is usually when I do some extra work if I have the time). After that point though, I start off each set asking myself: "Is this set going to make me better/stronger?" If I decide that the answer is "no," then I'm done for the day.


He didn't. I was searching for an example of someone,who routinely breaks that "rule" and is getting great results. That was simply the first that came to mind. You can think of a bunch of other examples, I am sure. I only wanted one to get my point across. I suppose I should have disclaimed that, but I really didn't think it was necessary to. And besides, I get tired of disclaiming every small thing people might possibly, somehow, maybe, some way, misunderstand. Some reading comprehension is required in life.


That time limit garbage just contributes to the unrelenting stream of overtraining articles you will also end up reading.
If you can judge how your body feels, which pretty much everyone should be able to do assuming you aren't paralyzed, you can spend as much or as little time in the gym as you want.
Some days I like staying in the gym for a long time to try movements I'm not too good at or just work off some extra energy.
Other days I like to just get the work done and leave.


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Law of diminishing returns...at some point, you're just done for the day, and doing more work past that point isn't going to help you. You have to figure out what that point is for you. Typically, you hear about a range on the time you should be spending in the gym to serve as a wake up call for newbs who are trying 101 different exercises in every workout, spending 2-3 hours in the gym, and not learning how to maximize the intensity of a training session in the process.

As with any training recommendation, though, it's not strict. As a newbie, you should be able to see remarkable gains in the 30-50 min range. Can you still see results if not more by going over? Absolutely. But you could also be hurting your gains and not even realizing it. That's for you to figure out. I've had ass-kicking workouts that lasted 20 min, and I was completely spent for the day. I've had ass-kicking workouts that lasted 1hr45.


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If your really paying that much attention to how long your in there (unless your busy or have plans), i'd have to question your intensity.

Some days i take longer rest times, some days i don't. Some days i put two main body parts together and it takes 2 hours.

IMO don't even pay attention to the clock unless you have things to do or have set rest times.


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