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Durabolan injectable from a nonsteril powder

I recently acquired a source for durabolan powder, however, the powder is not steril and I want to make it into an injectable. Is there any way that this can be done? Woud boiling the powder and then filtering it work, or would the heat destroy the durabolan molecule? Would benzyl alchol, steril oil and filtration work? Someone Help! Bill Roberts your wisdom and anyone elses is greately needed!

Well, first issue is your trust in the powder itself… if it has chemical impurities in it you are not going to get them out. Would they do that? Could be… some manufacturing
quality is quite appalling even for food-grade human use,
(e.g. some of the prohormones being sold today are very
impure and with nasty stuff) and there certainly are
steroids being manufactured that are not intended for
pharmaceutical use… if they are intended for research use
for example they might have impurities that would be
unacceptable. I’m not saying the stuff must be unusable.
I’m saying, you want to have trust (for some reason) that
it is.

At the very least the powder should be snow white.

If I were confident of the powder, I’d dissolve in oil,
submicron filter, then as a “belt and suspenders thing,”
warm the oil to 70 C or so for a half hour then let cool.

So heating the durabolan will not destroy the active molecule?

Heating the way I said to heat it will not.

You must mean “Getwood’s nandrolone phenylpropionate”
powder, eh? :slight_smile:

I agree with Bill…but I would also add in 5% benzyl
alcohol as a preservative and bacteriostatic agent.