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Duping Soccer Mom's Into Personal Training

Hey yall,
I just happened to fall into having access of a well equipped gym. The gym is essentially a well equipped studio or a small YMCA branch. There are no members as this is in a person’s home. Without scaring people, what would you do to actually make a buck with this? I am thinking rich lazy broads are the easiest (God I hope they don’t see my disdain), perhaps golfers can be a moneymaker (I can’t see blowing 80 bucks every weekend to chase a ball), and athletes. Does anyone know about marketing at all here? The only writers here pick and choose from the fag who blew his knee out with the Dolphins or some meathead O Lineman who can farmers walk with 315 pounds. This isn’t exaclty common. Perhaps I eventually can focus on athletic development but I am afraid I may have to start with the kept, Oprah watching, Starbucks crowd.

Soccer moms are a huge target for trainers. I have been a personal trainer for about 8 years with a degree in exercise science. The best and least expensive way to do this is to get a certification from A.C.E or some other national PT cert. You will spend about 3oo bucks. What matters though is that you can show them a piece of paper. You can recruit clients from the gym that you currently workout at by joining in some yoga or cardio classes. These are mainly people who are afraid of weights and intimidated by the meathead crowd. Get two clients satisfied and word of mouth will take it from there. Good luck

While personal training accreditations certainly don’t mean someone automatically knows his shit, it’s definitely going to help if you don’t already have at least some sort of reputation as a decent trainer in your area. After that it’s just word of mouth mostly…even assuming you get people the results they want to see, it will probably take awhile to build yourself a good clientele base. You might try starting with some local amateur athletes, i.e. high school football, baseball, basketball players, etc.

Another VERY IMPORTANT issue you need to look into is liability insurance for your “gym”. Make sure someone isn’t going to take you for everything you have if they get hurt while training in your facility…that’s not something to fuck around with…

I don’t know, given your self-professed opinion of your possible customers you might have to put a hell of a lot of effort into your customer service…

Good call from cc I forgot to mention that if someone dumps a weight on themselves you could lose your shorts. In a private residence though you can make a formal waiver for the client to agree to

1- Vroom is funny.

2- yea you can do that… thats how a LOT of those hollywood personal trainers do it. And they make bank. The guy that trained Angelina Jolie did it out of his house (a very large house mind you) but it was cool as hell…gotta love VH1.

You can market it in the same way he did, it’s private etc. You’re probably going to have to go along with your marketing scheme and do a bunch of weird foo foo balance on swiss balls while holding ur balls, coughing and tounging fear factor’s Joe Rogan’s bunghole- type of exercises.

That’s one venture. Depends where you’re at. I’m in LA and if I had a private gym I’d go for that… and hit up the bombest ass girls I could find for personal instruction.


I would have to agree with vroom on this which is prety unusual.
Your attitude sounds downright predatory, and if you aren’t currently certified by any sanctioning body, why go through the hassle of getting legitimate certification when you are just going to be screwing your clients anyways?
You could do everyone involved a favor and forget about doing it at all.That way the people you do manage to poorly train and screw over whont have any lingering resentment towards personal trainers.Or just tell them right up front “I am doing this to pick your pocket.”.If they stick around after that then you probably have a client that is matched to your level of expertice.
The bodybuilding and strength training fields need shit like you about as much as a pig needs wings.
Just consider for a moment the site you posted this on and what they’re dedicated to providing.Then slap yourself.

Mindeffer, that was brutal. Funny as hell, but brutal!


Here’s an example of what you should be thinking if you want to be able to provide a better level of service to your customers.

You would get a chance to help these people. You would be leading them to the road of fitness and health. Some may only take a few steps, some may exceed you and I.

You get to take pride in your work, knowing that you offer your clients more than normal so-so training, that if they are inclined you can lead them down a very productive path.

If they have nutritional issues, you have the ability to address them. If they have muscular imbalances or other minor postural issues, by paying attention on this site, you can address them. If they have strength or body composition goals, you can address them. If they are participating in sports, you can help them.

Holy shit, compared to most braindead useless trainers, who don’t know or care, you have the opportunity to show these people as much as they wish to learn and see. You can provide true life changing value to these people and are giving them an opportunity to integrate nutrition and fitness into their lives to whatever level they wish.

Do you see what I’m trying to say? You can’t force it on these people. Sure, most of them may simply want to sit and spin and be able to say they have a personal trainer. But from time to time there is a diamond in the rough out there who is just a natural athlete that has never tapped into that potential.

For those that want it but don’t know how, you can significantly change their lives. Think this way, treat your customers this way, and you will deserve every damned dollar they pay you! Think you are duping soccer mom’s and you won’t even have your own self-respect, or theirs, or ours.

Hehehe… you’ve got to change your evil ways man.

If you want to “dupe” soccer moms to do anything you should “dupe” them into believing that drinking your semen will decrease fat and increase strength. I would also try to “dupe” them to believe that this effect is increased by at least 10% if the semen swallowing occurs while your penis is deep-throated in their throat.

Thanks Vroom, I actualy have to try to be that harsh/funny.

The whole reason that irked me so much is that I find it highly unethical to charge people for something gotten for nothing.All of the info on this site is provided by pros to us,for free. If they wanted to, they could just as easily have taken another rout and duped as many people as they could, for as much money as possible. Also, I have a pretty well equipt gym in my house.In my opinion that makes me prety fortunate.When friends ask, I invite them in to lift and hang out.Its a lot of fun and comaradery. Some people stick around a while, but most don’t get over the first week of hurting when they move. But while they are here, I do my best to help them to make progress and feel good. Another friend of mine(who turned me on to this site way back when)also has an over the top,primo,hardcore gym in his house.He does this too, except that he also has more medical degrees than you could shake a stick at.Guess what he charges? Nothing! We do it because we like it.

Thats why when I see a know nothing prick who wants to dupe soccer moms,I get disgusted.

I’d first look into the insurence costs and what liability insurence will run you. The first “Soccer Mom” you get to deadlift and develops back pain wont be fun.

With today’s world, opening up your basement gym to outside individuals can open yourself to alot of litigation.

People can sign a waiver 40 pages thick and still call an ambulance chaser who’s only interested in a settlementand making your life hell for a few $$$. Today’s litigation practices are not aimed at going to court, but aimed at getting a settlement. Many insurence companies will settle a case, even when there is no fault or harm provable, because settling it out of court will be cheaper than fighting it. Basically the insurence company wins, the lawyer wins, you lose, and the insurence company raises your permiums because you’ve now had a claim.

The guys I lift with have set up their own gym and build most of there equipment. They wouldnt think of opening it up to anyone other than very close friends and family members for the above reasons.

I have been certified through the NSCA as a CSCS and a CPT for several years. You are right about the insurance.

mindeffer01 and vroom are completely correct. There is nothing more than anyone can add. The thread might just as well die right now.

Good Job Men!