DUP Training Help

Hi everyone

Need a bit of advice here…

I have decided to embark on the DUP bandwagon…have heard a lot of good things about it on the internet , for anyone looking to build size and strength.

Although I understand the basics, need some help with programming for 5 days , so that apart from the 3 big lifts i can have some bodybuilding workouts as well

Current stats:

Squats: 130 kg
Bench: 90 kg
Deadlifts: 135 kg

Height: 6"1
Weight: 78 kgs

squat video above

A good thread to check out, might give you the answers you are seeking

Here is something for you.

Do it as is or do a different program.

Why is everyone jumping on the “I want to do this program but want to do more because I know more then this guy…” wagon???

I have done this type of training for several months now. The best advice I can give you is that I had much better time recovering doing marathon sessions (2.5-3.5 hours) every other day as opposed to a lot of consecutive workouts. I train with a lot of volume and work a physical job however so that may not affect you. However my joints, especially my elbows couldn’t handle the workload. That said, I do often squat and/or bench on consecutive days.

I don’t personally think jumping into DUP training is going to give you better gains than say a periodized 5x5 program at your current strength level.