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DUP System from the Gods?


Slight Deficit Deadlift - 5x3
Front Squat - 4x6
Bench - 5x3


Deadlift - 5x1
Squat Wraps - 3x1 with thursday weight
Squat - 2x6
Wide Grip Bench - 2x12
Behind Neck - 2x12


Squat wraps- 1x3
Deadlift - 3x5
Bench - 2x6
Shoulder Press - 2x12


Front Squat - 3x12
t&g Bench - 4x6
Seated Deadlifts - 4x6


i altered this program just a bit from a mike tuchscherer article

just got back into wraps on this from a 4 month pause squat quest

im currently finishing up the third week and the results are nuts


275 for 2x6 on pause bench - 30 pound pr, 2 rep pr
525 squat x 3 - 20 pound pr
455 x 5 sets x 3 on beltess conventional deads - 50 pound pr


i posted this up for a couple reasons

  1. just to let people in on this dup stuff that is kinda magical, i never in my right mind would think i could come in and hit a pr triple on squats in my 11th squat session in 3 weeks

  2. do yall think any of this sustainable at all?

just trying to get a sence of this dup stuff because this is my first cycle and not sure if the after effects is that similar to smolov

  1. wondering if theres anything to add to the program that you think will help?

  2. that seated deadlifts are awesome for sumo pulls


honestly this stuff is nuts, never would think weight could come so easily in a extremely high frequency routine like

Is this percentage based?

nah man i just picked weights i could do the first week and have had no problem adding at least 10 pounds to every exercise since then every week

What article did this come from?

Program on page 50: