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DUP My Experience and Further Suggestions

Hi there,

Some time ago I posted questions on daily undulated period.

I tried this approach and was really pleased with the results-after some time of stagnation it was a good solution for me to break through my plateau.

The training was as following:

Heavy day: 3x3-5 reps 3min rest
medium: 3x8-10 2min rest
light 2x13-15 1 min rest.

I always did the same whole body programm with the same exercises-only the reps changed from session to session and i did (only) one exercise per muscle group.

The sessions also undulated with following cycle:

H M L M L H M H L etc.

I did 2 sessions the week and was able to train 10 weeks with constant progression on my lifts-great stuff.

Now some things to mention regarding that:

The only lift which stalled really early was my shoulder press-surprinsingly only on the light day with the high reps.

now after 4 months i recognize some overreaching in my lifts-the numbers go down-so its a sign for deloading.

ON 1 lift (dips) i am still progressing-all others stalled/or regressed.

So my idea would be to deload my stalled lifts for 2 weeks,change the exercises then and reduce the volume to only one work set (kind of intensification) and continue with my cycle above.

So have you made experiences towards that?

What i am not sure about is:

-should i deload the dips too?but i am still progressing on them-should i deload and switch all exercises or only the one that stalled and remain the dips?

-if i remain the dips-should i also switch to one work set-or should i remain the volume if it still works for that exercise?Should i treat each exercise for itself or should i think on the “whole body”

-i don´t get why my shoulder press stalled that early.(That was after 3 weeks).
Was it too much volume?Exercise specific?

-IF I switch know to a low volume approach with my mentioned one set-should i switch the exercises or not?

Kind a much-but will be great if there are some other DUPers out there!

The whole body exercsies have been:

decline press +20 pounds
pull ups to neck +10 pounds
shoulder press +5 pounds
row +10 pounds
dips +20 pounds
pronated curl +10 pounds

squat and deads are still on a linear programm which works well for them