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DUP Excel Spreadsheet, Criticism Wanted



I just made this. You add your maxes into the B1,B2,B3 cells and it spits out your weights for the program. I am looking for advice mostly on how to program the hypertrophy days as they are IA in the program. I just used (Weight#x0.75)+(5#xweek). I feel like this is to aggressive, especially on the bench press.

I did not create this program you can find it in Dr. Zourdos research study here:

Thanks for the help!


The reason why it’s individually adjusted is because not everyone is able to do the same number of reps at the same percentage. If you think 75% is too much then use less, if it’s easy then raise the percentage the next week. There is no right or wrong answer, only the answer that works for you.