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Dumps, How Many A Day


hey, ever since lifting and eating loads how many shits do you take a day?
i take on average 4-5
also do you find your farting more?


As far as the farting more, yeah, get used to it, it is a not often talked about side effect of lifting big and eating bigger. There was a long thread on that just a few weeks back, and basically we came up with a few solutions:

(a) accept it, move on, enjoy yourself and be proud of your smell
(b) get a dog to blame it on
(c) keep moving around, do a driveby, deny it.

The dumping is a different topic. It concerns me that you go so much. The problem is, if you are producing that much waste, how much of your diet are you absorbing? But, if you are new do eating big, give it some time for your body to adjust.

Keep an eye on your fiber levels. A lot of guys eat mostly meat and MRPs, with little fruit and vegatables. The stuff ends up staying in your digestive tract and getting hard in there. Constipation and hemmoroids can be a result, neither of them fun things. Eat your veggies, and if needed, add some fiber.

Welcome to the club!


Good post!

I would like to add that if you sit on the toilet for 10-15 minutes, you probably need more quality fiber (eat more veggies!)

If you are on the toilet for less than 5 minutes and it all comes out with ease, you're doing alright LOL!


This thread's too funny to pass up! 4-5 is a bit excessive in my opinion.

Me? about 2 a day.


JB wrote something on here a while ago. something about 2 a day, each about 12inches in length...


2-3 a day. And all very satisfying.

Thank you for asking.


hmm... Uh oh, I must be in trouble. I'll be LUCKY to get 1 a day. Sometimes its one ever 2 or 3 days, but its a doosy.

I eat PLENTY of veggies and fiberous food. that isnt the issue.


at least two at periscope depth, then usually another 3 or so


Usually 2 a day. I believe the total combined length comes pretty close to the 12 inches recommended by Paul Chek too.


Hmmm, maybe I'll keep a log of this for the next few weeks:

Date/Time/Body Weight Before/Body Weight After/Length/Consistency (soft/hard)

Could be interesting!

Right now I'm around 3 a day. If I drink green tea and take Spike before a workout I end up having to take a shit within 30min of said supplementation. If I eat diner food after work (bar) then I pretty much shit my brains/clean my colon out a few hours later. I've been clogging the toilet a lot lately. Maybe I should be eating cleaner.


And yeah, I bust ass a lot too.


Sounds like something in your diet is not agreeing with you.

I had the same problem- I eliminated protein powders and now I ain't constipated anymore.

Try and see what foods in your diet might be causing this delay in gastic emptying.


I've been using the HIT method of once every two weeks for a while now. Once a week just wasn't giving me the results I needed.

I'm a bit concerned you may be overdoing it 5 times a day.


yeah, when i take five a day some are big ones and some arent so big. my friends even stranger. He takes a crap every 4-6 days. but when he does its the size of a missile shell. could it do with him drinking 6 cokes a day?
laxatives didnt help him either.


This thread is useless without pics!


My supervisor (who has been in the industry a lot longer than I have) and I kinda discussed this and discussed Chek. Basically, the people who are supposed to know this stuff claim that everyone is different and not everyone is going to do exactly what Chek claims.

If you're concerned, see a doctor. Keep in mind, some of the guys you're talking to may be bigger/smaller and eat more/less than you.


I think the bigger concern would be those that Shit once a week or every couple of days.

If you are going several times a day and are other wise healthy you just have a efficient system. and should be thankful.


Aww man you're disgusitng, LOL


"The average human being should pass about twelve inches of well-formed, not foul smelling, fluffy, easy to pass, light brown, earthy-smelling stool per day, if you've got a normal bowel."


I do this at least twice a day. Paul Chek is proud of me.


I read that article that Paul Chek was in, where he had athletes doing enemas multiple times daily. Weird. I doubt a person needs to re-teach a colon how to move. I've noticed that fish oils, and Flameout will make dropping the fudge bombs a far more satisfying experience, and more frequent. I FINALLY got to order some and I've had to do extra flushes on the toilet. Not for the smell, but because there was a real danger of clogging the toilet/creating a mountain. Hemp hearts help too, I'm sure. Anyone here ever clog one of those "power toilets". I'm talking about the ones that sound like a jet engine going to a high-rev. The ones that suck down a crushed beer can.

True story: I went out to a training exercise that lasted just over a month. Because I was a driver at the time for my commander, I didn't get to eat any of the hot food that was trucked out every morning and evening. Since he was a Ranger, and me a Private, we lived on MREs for the entire time. I didn't mind it, but got very familiar with what came in every single meal. I got really clogged up after that initial watery reaction to all that preserved food. When we got back, I hadn't gone in around a week and felt really plugged up, kinda like I had several bowls of bread dough hanging out in my gut. Well, I found out that night that Burger King can get shit moving right along. I got that Texas Double Whopper that was just introduced back then (1999) and basically made love to it. About an hour later I RAN to my barracks room, flopped down on my power toilet in my bathroom, and gave birth to about a 20 lb monster and it's friends. That fucking thing didn't flush. After a night of soaking it seemed like it had expended but a few flushes took care of it. Sick, huh?
Now that I put that image in your mind, let's go get ice cream.