Dumping the Weight from Front Squat Position

This may be somewhat silly but is there any way to do it “correctly/safely” when you’re stuck at the bottom? I’m kinda afraid that the weight will smash my thighs/knees.


If you’re falling backwards just let it happen but make sure you let go of the bar with your hands.
If you’re stuck at the bottom and just can’t get it up, you have to push the bar off your shoulders and jump back at the same time straightening your legs. The bar should land over your knees or shins and as long as it’s the correct height, it should safely roll over them without touching them.
Also, if you don’t have a platform where dumping the weights is an option, you can always set the pins on a power rack an inch or two below your squatting depth and dump the bar if you get stuck.
Hope this helped

Thank you H4d, especially for the “falling backward” part because I never thought about it lol. Must be pretty scary when that happens. Hope I’m thin enough that the bar won’t touch me.

No probs man glad to help, the falling back is more for missing a clean. Weightlifting - YouTube
From 0:49 to 1:01 there are a bunch of people missing ‘front squats’ and 1:48 for falling backwards
Also I believe the bar is 9 inches off the ground So unless you have an enormous nose you should be fine, just let it roll over you. :wink: