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Dumping/Resting Bar Forward Onto Pin


I am getting a bit worried losing the bar forward. This has happened yet as I haven’t gone beyond what I can do reasonably easily 90% or so. I need to be sure I won’t fall get pushed forward and injure or badly injure my back. I hate squatting and it makes me anxious. I am using a power rack and I am not flexible enough to dump the bar behind easily. Presently I can get 3 fingers on the bar which is a big improvement . The squats feels a lot more solid now.

How do I safely dump the bar or llean forward so the bar balances on the pins. I have access to a safety squat bar too which could be an option . I did an ugly 135kg on that a month or two ago but gave up.

I am at the stage where the squat is a beginners movement (comeback if you like . I could 230kg around 5 years ago). I managed 140kg x2 with a loose belt today deep up from around 100kg 3 x10.


Is this any good?


Your pins are set too low. They should be just below the bottom position of your squat, so if you fail you just dip a little lower and rest the bar on the pins.


I have a problem of my arms banging the pins as I can’t grip the bar closer. I suppose I will have to squat a bit higher (or to parallel instead of deep)


You need to get over that if you want to progress much. Absolutely respect the weight and be aware of what it can do to you, but don’t ever let it intimidate you.

Simple. Set the pins at the right height and roll the bar over your head onto them. Check my log, I messed up a couple of weeks ago and did that.

I’d suggest practicing that with an empty bar and working up. The main reason I’m not really worried about failing a squat is because I know I can do it reasonably safely.


Usually, I’m able to lose the bar forward like in the video above. But there was one time when it got to far forward for that and I just tucked my head away so the bar wouldn’t take my neck or head off and let it roll forward onto the pins.

You don’t want to try to do it that way, I’m just mentioning it so just in case you don’t have another option, you’ll be able to do it quickly and without thinking since now that you know you can rehearse it in your head.

I never thought about it before it happened, but I’ve always been quick and fast able to keep a clear head in those ‘oh crap!!!’ moments which has saved me from harm PL and otherwise throughout my life.


Might have to use the ss bar for power and a normal bar with lighter weight to work on your positioning

Also I tend to snag spotters on my heaviest sets cause failing under the weight tends to hurt me far more than having two guys pull it up.


If your arms are banging the safety pins, then you probably have your pins set to high. Lower the pins a couple notches and you should be fine. I have always squatted in a cage with the pins. I have dumped the bar more times then I can recount and never had an issue. I wont squat or bench, unless I am in the cage.