Dumped Squat Backwards

this doesn’t happen often but when it does its in wraps, which I only use in competition and the few weeks before a meet. this is 505, 50 pounds less than my max without wraps. Anyone else experience this? how can I fix it?

here is the video, sorry so long.

Disclaimer: I have never used wraps before and I can’t lift that much.

Now that’s out of the way, I saw that you hips moved back instead of up. I’ve had this same issue except with a just belt and sleeved squat. What’s helped me is thinking hard knees and locking the shins in the hole of the squat and really pushing my hips forward and up.

What’s happening up there is that your knees are extending too soon and since the hips aren’t moving up they have to go somewhere so they move back. I can see this happening as you start the ascent (coming out of the hole). Often, this is when people will increase the back angle to compensate and GM the weight and use their hips and back but you kept your chest up so the bar just got behind your midfoot making you fall backwards once it got so far behind it was unrecoverable.

That’s why I gave you those cues, because they should help you drive your hips forward instead of going back and keep you from extending your knees too soon.

thanks man, thats kinda what I saw too.