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Dumbocrats are at it again!

Just when you think the dumbocrats have gone beyond the pale…the exceed their own excesses.
Sen Robert Byrd said that he “loathes” the idea that an aircraft carrier was used as a back piece for the presidential campaign. How stupid!..
As a Air Force Officer…I find no higher compliment paid to the military and confidence therein for the president to trust his life DIRECTLY in the hands of that T-Man/Naval Officer-Aviator who landed that jet on the carrier deck!..what president has flown a jet like that or trusted his military so acutely??
The president was showing his gratitude to what our troops have done and sacrificed. The dumbocrats are so, so transparent and jealous…they can’t see straight and can’t help themselves but to lash out! THIS is one of the reasons that I learned of many years ago why I despise the dumbocratic party. They have no sense of duty, intergrity or believability!!!

OH yea I forgot, you can’t seem to remember the past very well. NO Republican has EVER lied (Bush Sr) or deceived the public and broke the law(NIXON).
You despise the Democratic Party because Clinton because basically crapped on your party all the way until he left office and the republicans still have nothing to show for going after him. You are a very bitter man, grow up, SIR.

PTR You are absolutely right!

George Bush paid a compliment to US service men by landing on that carrier - he showed just how much trust he puts in the Navy pilots who landed him there. What better place to greet those service men exhausted from the war, then to fly up to them?

It's all politics - regardless of what you do, the other party will always twist it around and turn it into a bad thing. Which explains why democrats are pointing their fingers at Bush for spending our tax money in a flight to an aircraft carrier just to build up his popularity. They're just jealous in my opinion.

PTR I think I may have given a few rude comments to you in past (although Im not sure). If I did, I'm sorry. Everyone who serves PROUDLY in our military has my respect (notice capitalized proudly, for the national guards trolling in this forum, complaining about getting deployed and serving their country). 

If you dont mind me asking, where is your base located?

I’m no Democrat, but I was unimpressed with Bush’s big entrance. Especially considering he was a big old draft dodger himself, while MY father was out there dodging BULLETS. He has never had to face death once in his little silver-spoon-up-his-ass little life! I am not mad like many politicians who are merely looking for opportunities to tear him down (they don’t have the corner on this practice), I just don’t see him as the galloping hero after knowing his past. His bravado makes me roll my eyes.

Thanks diesel…I am stationed at Dobbins AFB in Marietta Georgia.

Most of us military people keep our opinions pretty quiet but then this is so obvious and the stench of it is outrageous; you have to say something. Some things the democrats do are just over the top. Like during the election…in a heavy republican northeast state…a person on albore’s staff evidently caused a traffic jam so people would have trouble getting to the polls shortly before they were able to close!
Both parties are evil to a degree…the dumbocrats just take it to the highest degree possible! Besides…I can’t vote for a party that endorses murder and for homosexuals being treated like a RACE…instead of the sexual issue it is…

The left has nothing else to get him on. Nobody said anything when Clinton did his photo ops. Anybody remember on the anniversary of D day when he was walking through the cemetary and there was a flag that had fallen over. Clinton kneeled down with a tear in his eye and picked it up and put it back. All staged. No one said a thing. How much do you think it cost for him to fly Air Force One there with all of his staff just to do that. The troops sure as hell didnt look like they were upset he was there. Ask anybody in the military who they like more. Bill Clinton or GW. I had a friend in the Air Force who got out because of Bill Clintons cuts. They hate him.

He flew a plane. Why is everyone upset? Not one politician who saw him do that would not like to be in the exact same position. They are not upset he did it, they are upset it wasn’t one of them. So there was a little political grandstanding. Just like Clinton with his little examination of a shell on a beach that had no shells, or a picture of him with a fake tear. At least Bush actually flew the plane at least part of the way, he is a pilot after all.

Oh, by the way, Clinton single handedly destroyed the Democratic Party. The Party is in complete denial right now, and is slowly falling apart. Unless they change focus they are going to have a long journey back. Personally I see them coming back in about a decade. That would be good because it would push America to the right just to the point it would be better balanced, without going too far. There is too much left leaning right now. That little law demanding cross dressers get preferential treatment in job interviews is one example.

Must have been pretty cool for that pilot to be flying Air Force One, if even for just a few minutes.

So, does this mean you are for the death penalty and against abortion? Because that would be ridiculous. Bush is for the death penalty and against abortion. Isn’t that ironic? Is one better than the other? (No, I don’t want to hear how you justify the difference).

Sounds like a bit of homophobia too. Were you Boy Scout?

Not only that, but if you are referring to abortion, I guess this also means that you will allow the government to take away our supplements, since it’s basically taking away your choice to do what you want with your own body.

FYI - I’m pro death penalty, pro choice, and definitely don’t want someone taking away my supplements. But as in the Robin Williams thread on Charles Staley’s guest forum, I do agree with some Republican/Conservative ideas. But not when the government tells me what I (or anyone else) should or shouldn’t do to their body, no matter what it is (abortion, supplement use, drug use, alcohol use, etc.). Those choices should be left up to the individual to make.

Sorry, Nate, you’re going to hear it anyway.

Nate, I find it even more ironic that some people will defend a guy who raped and killed an elderly woman and march against his death sentence, yet those same people are perfectly okay with killing an unborn child.

Abortion and lethal injection both stop a beating heart after all. The difference is that one deserves it and the other never even had a chance.

Isn’t it also ironic that Scott Peterson is charged with double murder for killing his wife and her unborn child, yet if she had chosen to abort it a few months earlier that would be fine and dandy?

And isn’t it ironic that if a woman miscarries and loses her fetus that she is required to take it to a funeral home for poper burial (depending on when in the pregnancy the miscarriage occurs) but if she chose to abort it during that same time frame they would simply dump the baby in the trash?

Now all that stuff is ironic. Wanting to see a bad guy die for his crimes while at the same time wanting to see a baby born isn’t ironic or ridiculous at all.

Thanks for demonstrating typical democratic thinking. You use very poor sentence structure. You use emotion to try to make points. Finally, your “facts” have no basis in reality. Let’s begin the lesson. First of all, there were 20+ arrests and convictions for Whitewater. There were multiple convictions ranging from fraud to contempt of court. Please look this up. Second, your comment about clinton “crapping” on the Republican party needs some refinement. He “crapped” on you, fool. Not only did he use government resources to fund his extra-marital affairs, but he trashed the White House, stole furniture from the White House, and stole fixtures from Air Force One. Here’s one I’m sure you don’t know about. Every ex-President is assigned permanent security when he leaves office. Check this out. The clintons built housing for the Secret Service on their property in New York. Then he charges them rent!!! He is actually making money off of his security people. Do you know who foots the bill for all of this? You do, fool. I won’t go into the myriad of other horrendous things clinton has done (like lying under oath). It would take far too much time. I want to leave you and your little friends with this thought, “The Republicans control Congress and the White House.” We are very excited about the election in 2004. Good luck to you. You will need it.
roy, what is the matter with you? Didn’t face death?!? Try flying a military supersonic jet aircraft.

Well, Paul, it must be ironic for people who feel that way.

But like I said, I’m pro death penalty and pro choice. So I am at least consistent.

Not only that, but I know that many of you would go nuts if the government told you that you couldn’t buy and/or use supplements anymore (See the Andro Ban aricle in T-mag). That means that you don’t want someone telling you what you can and can’t do to your own body. So why is it any different for a woman if she chooses abortion as an option? Oh, that’s right, because abortion is murder and that’s wrong! Give it up! No matter what, a person should have every right to make their own choice concerning their body and what they do with it, even if you disagree with their choice. 'Nuff said.

 Roy Batty: 'I'm no Democrat, but I was unimpressed with Bush's big entrance. Especially considering he was a big old draft dodger himself, while MY father was out there dodging BULLETS.'
 Let's forget your father for one minute: Have YOU served your country, even as a mere 'draft dofger'? Have YOU dodged any bullets as of yet to have such a big mouth?
 Not everyone's goal in life is be a GI and doge bullets and be everybody's hero. Some people want to fix the aircraft in our military, be military police, and so forth and so forth. Such occupations dont usually send you out to the front lines. Bush's inclination was to fly for the National Guard while attending college. Many do. Your dad's inclination was to be a bad-ass with a rifle. Everyone's got a job to do and without the pilots up there, the guys down there would be fried meat, and no war would be won.

 Nate Dog: Bush is pro-death sentence, and anti-abortion. 
 You DO realize that, the criminals on death row have commited heinous crimes and mbrutally murdered one or more innocents without any consideration or mercy for their lives, right? Meanwhile, the fetuses developing in the mothers womb are as innocent as anyone will ever be, because they havent ever done anything.

  Bottom line: A mother shouldnt have the right to kill an innocent baby, who not only cannot defend itself, it didnt do anything. A mother shouldnt have the right to kill an innocent baby, because she was irresponsible a few months back and instead of being cautious, she just up and fucked some guy at the party, or down the street without a condom or a pill. When is taking an innocent baby's life okay to try to correct your own naive irresponsibility? If a girl goes to a party, has teqilla even though she knows wha happens next, and fucks the first guy she comes across without protection, does a baby's life justify her stupid ignorance and complete disregard for the consequences? Everything has a consequence, and you have to face them. Why should mothers be allowed to kill a baby in order to avoid them?
  On the other hand, We should have the right to put to death brutal murderous individuals who lack a value for human life, mercy, and any conscience whatsoever. I know I dont want MY tax dollars to pay for his jail cell, his food, the electricity that keeps his cell warm, and for the guards that have to keep an eye on him. For every jailed prisoner the estimated annual cost for his individual ass is over 30,000 dollars/year. That's more than what I make. There's thousands and thousands and thousands of jailed prisoners every given year. They should be saved for those who committed lesser crimes and need some punishing to straighten up. Not for those who killed innocent for their own gain and dont deserve one fucking dime out of me - in a very real sense WE, the taxpayers, are the ones who are keeping them alive. We pay for their food, their cell, the guards that watch over them, electricity, water, maintenance, repair guys. 
  See the difference? The republican want to keep the innocent with us, and send the murderous motherf***ers straight to hell. Meanwhile, the deomcrats want to make it legal to cut short the lives of innocent, while keeping murderous motherfuckers alive on MY DIME! Some fucking logic!

Hi United States=Good Guys,

I must apologize for not being able to construct proper sentences when your posts contain no grammatical errors. The first point I would like to make is that I am not a democrat, rather more of an independent. I did not vote for Gore because I did not feel he clearly illustrated a direction that he would have move in had he won the election.
Having said that, I was trying to make a point that every party has embarrassing moments, Republicans and Democrats have both been shamed in office.
Calling a group of people “stupid” that make up around 50 percent of the population in the US is clearly thinking with emotion.
I am personally glad the war in Iraq is over because now it is time for the Republican Party to show what it can do domestically. It is my belief that the Republican Party has always handled international issues quite well but has mishandled the domestic issues.
Maybe it is my isolationistic views on life but I feel quite strongly that the President should worry more about his own people than the people of say, Iraq.
While it is true that the election of 2004 is quickly approaching, Bush will sink or swim based on what he does to improve this countries concerns such as unemployment and the mediocre, if not poor performance of the stock markets.
I believe that Bush could in fact sink the Republican efforts for tax cut forever if one is enacted and proves to be of little value to the American public. I am for tax cuts, certainly, but not in a time of deficits. Perhaps you could shed some light on how $300 rebate for the average American will help the economy because that is the ONLY thing I keep hearing from the Republican Party now that the war is over.

Like you Nate, I’m just pointing out the ironies and inconsistences. I’m not a wacko anti-abortion foe who wants to kill abortion providers or anything like that.

I guess my main issue against the logic of pro-abortion is that they (like you) say, “Women can do what they want with their own bodies.” Okay, I’ll buy that to an extent for the sake of argument. But when they abort IT’S NOT THEIR BODY THEY’RE KILLING, IT’S SOMEONE ELSES - THEIR BABY’S. Does the baby have a right to its own body?

I didn’t always feel this way, but once you see a sonogram of an “abortion age” baby with its heart beating and sucking its thumb (as I did when I became a father), you may change your mind about the issue. Or at the very least care more about the unborn than murderers on death row.

US=GG, assuming you are in the military (I think I remember reading that in another thread – correct me if I am wrong), and to ptrDR and anyone else who serves in the military, I have immense respect for what you do. I was an ARMY brat, my father was Special Forces from 67-70. When I see the level of sacrifice and determination that men and women of the military have, and their willingness to carry out their orders with pride and honor, I am inevitabley moved by it.

There were a lot of people who fought and died with honor in Viet Nam… Bush was NOT one of them. Who cares if he learned to pilot a fucken jet? You can teach a monkey to fly a jet. People like to parachute for recreation, facing possible death each time they jump out of a plane. But that does NOT give them honor. Bush did what a lot of silver-spoons of that era did to avoid the war… they got into the Guard. Meanwhile, my dad, and thousands of worthy individuals who came home to a not-so-welcoming country were fought bravely. I respect you guys who serve. I know that you would sacrifice your own life to honor this country, and even if I had my doubts as to the motives of the people waging a war, I would never - even for a second - forget the soldiers who carry out their mission. I certainly don’t mean to show any disrespect to Guard members either. They are as committed as any members of our military. It is just clear that Bush did it specifically to avoid combat, which means that he is a coward, and I can’t respect that. I don’t see how any of you T-Men can!

Hey, but maybe the $98,000 in benefits to persons making over 1 million dollars per year will provide the shot in the arm we need :wink:

Diesel said:

[quote]Let’s forget your father for one minute: Have YOU served your country, even as a mere ‘draft dofger’? Have YOU dodged any bullets as of yet to have such a big mouth?
Not everyone’s goal in life is be a GI and doge bullets and be everybody’s hero. Some people want to fix the aircraft in our military, be military police, and so forth and so forth. Such occupations dont usually send you out to the front lines. Bush’s inclination was to fly for the National Guard while attending college. Many do. Your dad’s inclination was to be a bad-ass with a rifle. Everyone’s got a job to do and without the pilots up there, the guys down there would be fried meat, and no war would be won. [/quote]

Actually, my dad’s inclination was NOT to be a bad-ass with a rifle. There was a draft going on at the time. He and all of his brothers (except the youngest who was too young) volunteered to join. He was recruited for special forces while in basic training. He didn’t choose it. He did what was asked of him. Had he joined and they asked him to patch up wounded people or fix air conditioners on an aircraft carrier, it does not matter. He didn’t go looking for a fight, he just followed orders. If he had been a plumber I would have been no less proud of him. The fact is, he did not try to avoid going. Bush deliberately avoided combat. That is shameful!

I don’t understand why some people feel the need to polarize everything. Why does it seem that categorizing all democrats as evil/stupid/dishonest/fill-in-bad-word-here and all Republicans as Gods or vice versa is necessary? I fear that many of us never outgrow what we are raised on when it comes to politics or religion. Religion I can understand somewhat, as it is often based on faith, but shouldn’t politics be about issues and not who’s in your party and who’s not?

I’m not picking on anybody in particular, as good natured joking between two groups with widely-held tenets among its members can be fun, but I think some people believe in their party too much and even worse believe that the other party is completely incompetent/power hungry/ruthless.

I was “born” a republican, as I was raised in a family consisting entirely of republicans. They were that way, as they believed in the religious, conservative side of the republican party (for better or worse) and were for a strong military, capitalism, etc. I still have to fight my urges over viewing republicans as “good” and democrats as “bad”. I view those feelings as base, and I try not to let them influence my judgement.

It takes two people to make a baby. Don’t put the blame on the woman. There are other factors involved in addition to potential things happening that are out of anyone’s control (i.e. Rape).

I hear this same argument from those who are pro life all the time. It’s a tired argument that will never die. Take out the part of when life actually begins, and you come down to it being an individual’s choice.

Bottom line: It is up to each individual to make whatever choice he or she feels is in their best interest, whether that means abortion or using supplements, drugs, alcohol, etc. Since when does “land of the free” mean that the government regulates what you can and can’t do to your own body? Whether you agree or disagree with their decision. Ultimately, it is their choice and you, the government or I shoud have no say in the matter.