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I just signed up for this thing called globalfit, it’s basically just a way to get dicounts on gym memberships through work. That’s definitely a good thing.

After I signed up though, I noticed that they have a 12 week fitness challenge going on right now, with the winner getting a trip to hawaii. Sweet, I’m thinking, I can use my t-mag garned knowlede and skills to dominate the pathetic corporate participants in the contest. When I look at the fine print rules though, you have to lose 10 pounds to qualify. Not lose 10 pounds of fat, or replace 10 pounds of fat with LBM, just lose 10 pounds. And you have to go to a doctor before and after to have a signed weigh-in statement proving it. Stupid, huh?

I guess I could do it, but it’s totally not my goal, I’m focused on lowering bf% and increasing strength, so I’m sure my total weight won’t change all that much. Yet another example of ignorance about what it means to be fit, coming from supposed “experts.”

The contest is most likely geared towards people who have a significant amount of bodyfat. So in essence, for them to lose 10 lbs, more than likely they can be losing 10 lbs of fat plus or minus whatever water weight.

It’s not totally stupid.

I think it’s dumb. It is easier and cheaper to get a trainer at the gym to measure bodyfat than to go all the way to the doctor’s to get some number off a scale. I’m sure the contest comes from a good place. But then got watered down as it went through the bean counters.

I was thinking that you could beat the test pretty easily by drinking 2 or 3 gallons of water before you see the doctor and then take some diuretics when you get weighed at the end. That could easily be a 8-10 pound swing I would think. I know I’ve lost as much as 10 pounds after exercising all day in 95 degree temperatures.

The point is that a simple test like weight loss is just not a good measure of health or fitness by itself.


Do the contest anyway. Go in, get your bodyfat done, take before and afters, and hand them to the appropriate person. Let them decide based on the changes you’ve made whether you’ve won or not.

apply the knowledge to your gf or mom or something and have them win it for you.