Dumbest things you've ever heard

Just what it says. What are the dumbest things everyone’s heard, like advice, etc. I’ll get the obvious ones out of the way: “I don’t need to train my legs” (guy at work), “Dieting is for girls” (me) “…but Mike Mentzer says…” (who cares?)

Well, lets see - I was just in a chat room where one girl said she had a degree in weight training said that drinking water builds muscle, that fat “moves into” muscle when exercising, and that using a 12, 10, 5, 5, rep scheme will let you build muscle withough tearing down your muscle.

“Deadlifts are for men! You shouldn’t be doing those!” said one of the bitch trainers that worked over at my old job to one of my clients while I wasn’t around. The nerve of her.

“It feels like Deca!”

“Yeah, he may be big, muscular and lean, but when he quits working out all of that muscle will turn into fat and then he’ll look like shit!”

“It’s not really the roids, it’s mostly from dieting and training.” That one always kills me. Or, “One day arm cure”…

When mentioning that I had to lose some body fat because I didn’t like my gut, I heard, “Why not concentrate on that area specifically?” Not really dumb, just not informed. I hate all the infomercials that feed off the fact that msot people think you can spot reduce. Have they no integrity? It’s all about the $$ I suppose. Too bad.

when newbies say “I don’t want to get bulky”

Overheard during a workout:

“You can’t get your triceps to grow on 3 sets of fucking nothing”

Stated by a bozo in the middle of doing a set of about 20 reps of tricep pushdowns no less.

“Its not the form, its the weight!”

Oh boy - “situps spot reducing”, “muscle turning to fat when you stop” (give me strength), “benching tearing fat off boobs and making them smaller”, “I cant lift cause I get too big in weeks”, “I had to stop after a few weeks cause I was getting to big”, “toning”, “propecia works full stop!!!” (or any other drug/supplement with less than 100% success), and any misunderstanding of how to lose fat or grow muscle or get definition, anything posted by the trolls lurkers and non thread initiaters here, “Im a body for lifer” or worse “Im a body for life PT”. You may have guessed by this that I have a very low tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.

Actually, I was just surfing around looking for something to do (I’m at work) and I stumbled upon this board- nutritionguys.com/discussion_board.
There is some of the most assbackwards information you will ever find on that board. It’s friggin’ hilarious. The blind leading the blind.

Just to give an example from that board: “I am 5’9” 220 LBS as of today. I definetly don’t work out as much as I should, while I am not a completely sedentary person, I golf(walk)twice a week and play pick up hoops once a week…I have set a goal of 195 pounds by 8/01. "

turn fat into muscle!!!

I used to bench 400lbs, or I used to this or used to that.

“i just want to tone.” Or hmmm, i don’t want to lose fat, but i have been gaining muscle hey “I want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time,” (kinda reminds me in Happy Gilmore where Adam Sandler’s like 'hey if i just hit hole-in-ones all the time, i wont have to put!).

The best one i ever heard was a guy saying “Last year i was fucking huge and all i was eating was ramen and peanut butter.” He must have quit this diet because he was a far cry from being huge.

If you don’t go to failure on every set, every workout you’re not training right! Don’t eat fat! Squatts are bad for your knees, and deadlifts are bad for your back!

A 150 lb. client of mine “I wanna get in shape, but I don’t wanna look like Mr. Olympia”

Ok,no particular order.

  1. A guy in my gym who claimed walking around with the e-z curl bar on his shoulders, loaded with one of each size plate on each side, was the key to strengthening and building his legs.
  2. A sixty year old tai chi student who asked us to get rid of the squat rack because he broke his back squatting two days before. The next day he was doing one arm dumbbell clean/pushpresses(at least that’s the closest exercise to what he was doing)with a thirty pound dumbbell.
  3. The people who get on our MANUAL treadmill(plainly labeled)and ask how to turn it on, speed it up, slow it down or turn it off. (Maybe this should be #1.)

The guy who refused to listen to me because I wasn’t as big as some of the other people in the gym.(Never mind that I fight and I’d like to stay in my weight class.)