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Dumbest Things You Hear About AAS in a Gym!


Hi guys,

New to the forum and wanted to start off with a post that bashes complete morons in the gym when it comes too aas.

(This post is intended only for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the views or actions of username:Sustanon Master.)

By my username you can figure out my preferences in molecules and esters.

Sue me, My favorite superhero lives by the border and the place is full with the stuff.(which I do not condone the use of in any shape, form, or matter.)

My favorite superhero Juggernaught took 250mg of Sustanon and Deca a week for 9 weeks and gained 25 pounds.

Contrary to belief he kept 22 pounds with superb PCT and diet.

Dumbest Thing and Person:

1.)A 14 yr.old kid whispering to his buddies about how pumped he feels after taking some winstrol across the border.
Get this HE SAYS:( I CAN NOW BENCH 135 GUYS!!!! I AM AWESOME!! u guys should try it too.)
The little dumbass is now selling it to his friends! lol

please add more guys, the level of stupidity is amazing.


My buddy who took 2 dbol cycles and 1 havoc cycle and made less gains than me and I'm natty. We both started at 140.


Enough people come in here with ill-concieved, poorly thoughtout, minimally planned cycles to begin with.

Have a look around. I'm sure you'll find plenty of threads that fit the model you are looking for.


sorry dood don't take this personal but this is bad info...

Get your facts straight before picking on people man.

Daily, there is ignorant comments about steroids in the media, in the gym, and on this site.

Your test/deca ratio was a little off and 250mg test is considered a TRT dose at best.

Not bashing you dood...but there is plenty of dumb questions and posts on this forum. We don't need a thread talking about it and getting errbody fired up now do we? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Sometimes I feel like we are too nice to people... lol

Who in their right mind starts a thread about this? I can't understand it.
It belongs in the GOL forum, regardless of its substance.


There's really only two things that I can't stand in regards to AAS.

  1. When I hear that it shrinks your dick. Words can't even begin to describe how pissed this makes me.

  2. That it causes cancer. If I get cancer it'll be because I go through a can a day of Grizzly, nothing else.


I also get mad when people say it shrinks your dick.
all I do is laugh and no I dont show them, if I did it would prove their case.
but in defense of AAS mine was already standard white boy issue as it is.

Schmazz if you like Grizzly you should try Hawken, when I was in Jr. High this was big, the stuff tasted like candy but its got really low Nicotine content with skoal long cut and Cope being up there with higher contents

but damn that stuff is tasty though

Oh ya, and another thing I hate.
More threads popping up every week or so about stuff that you hate.



Dirty Gerdy

Not everbody needs large quantities of gear, the goal of AAS is to make consistent gains and not push the body to failure. (which leads to all those specials on the dangers.)
Look at the early days of bodybuilding, some of those guys were taking small doses and still created muscular perfection.

It is better to tell lifters to use with extreme caution in small doses and move up gradually along with the HCG and nolva in case because not everbody's body responds the same, it is too easy to sit at the computer and tell other people that a larger dose will work better, last time I checked the chicks do not dig small balls. :0


I never commented on dosage. And I've never met a girl or heard of a girl who's commented on the size of a guys balls.

But I do agree with you about using the smallest dose as possible to get the desired results. That should be common sense I think.

But nolva is not ideal to use during cycle, AI's are better for estrogen control during the cycle.

You've seemed to miss the point about my post on HCG usage. You told someone not to use Test enanthate without HCG because of the amount of time the ester stays active in the body. You then went on to say that he should use sustanon instead. How does that make sense considering sustanon has longer esters than enanthate, meaning it stays active even longer? I never said someone shouldn't use HCG. I just said that your logic was flawed.


500mg a week of even a combo of drugs is still enough to cause shutdown...and the boys still shrink.

I think it is time 'on' that causes ultimate shrinkage not x amount used.

I don't know of any girls who care about the size of my nuts.

Aromatase Inhibitors are better for estro control on cycle than Nolva...in fact I think Nolva is just about obsolete with some of the other SERM's out there.

HCG imo is more for aesthetic reasons in a cycle 12 weeks or less...and could possibly be a tool for somebody who ventures up to really really long cycles. Otherwise I don't really see the need.

I also agree that the smallest dose should be used that gives you results...but I do believe there are minimums. The size and experience of a person would also dictate how much gear one should use. A 240lbs powerlifter would most likely not grow on your cycle. A person who isn't carrying that much muscle when he started that cycle probably would.

I don't really care in the end...I'm all for bitching...but we don't really need a thread in this forum that is designed to just bitch at the ignorance...there is enough here as it is.



Mint of Wintergreen?

I'm a Wintergreen dude, transitioned from expensive ass Kodiak. Can't beat the Griz at 3 bucks a can


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I think this is what he wanted,afterall hes only couple posts sounded trollish.

dont be sorry on account of this douch bag troll, I think he has read most of the posts already about our feelings on PED use and he knew what buttons to push
I thing is was a trolling where the troll has one.


Grizz Green my man. Just like you I was a Kodiak man, but couldn't afford it.

3 bucks a can is a hefty amount. Out here in rancher country we get it for $1.79, before taxes. Ends up being a hair under 2 after taxes.

I'm liking Husky though. They've had it for a dollar a can in my area for a while. Just the mint though.


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When we're in country... depending on what we're doing, that shit is like gold. Whenever I know I'm heading out, I always bring 5 logs with me since I know I'll end up selling half of them.

Unhealthy as hell, but does a damned good job of keeping your ass good to go on a 20 hour patrol.