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Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen in a Weightroom


This has to be the most idiotic thing I've ever seen someone do....clean and presses on the smith machine. Anyone like to share?







I've witnessed people use the Flat Bench for curls...

But the 2 worst things...

Back when I lifted at the school gym at my college, I witnessed both of these, needless to say I switched gyms at the end of the week.

  1. Guy was doing aerobics and static stretching on the deadlift platform.

  2. Guy was using the lat pulldown seat to do wrist curls, with a pink dumbell...


if you saw anyone skipping around on the deadlift platform you should have tackled them.


...a blonde


If only you'd got there sooner sir. good work nonetheless.



I didn't know you could do that...lol.


ya neither did I....and the kid doing it actually had a really big/football player build, so you would THINK he sorta knew what he was doing. But looks surely are deceiving.


Seems to have worked for him. Maybe you should ask him for some tips.




Someone boxing with dumbbells.


Hey! thats actually part of their training. The dumbest thing I see all the times is the fuckheads doing DB military presses on those giant bosu balls. HARD-FUCKING-CORE! I don't give a fuck if doing them on a ball cures AIDS, it looks fucking stupid and I wont do it.


guys with 38" waists and 26" chests doing cable x-overs and wrist curls because god knows that adding definition to their already massive chests and improving their forearms are what they need most.


Why would you ever neglect a muscle group, regardless of training age?


uhhh...turn your sarcasm detector on tumbles...


You know when something so stupid happens, you actually have that 'deer in the headlights' thing going on. That was me. I actually was so confused, that someone would disgrace something as beautiful as a platform with that, that I think my brain told me it couldn't actually be happening.

The gym I go to now is MUCH better, but escaping the idiots is impossible in public...

Kid was literally reading a book between sets of One Arm DB Rows. I'm pretty sure, he knocked out a good 2 or 3 chapters by the time he was done with maybe 2 exercises.


...i was gonna say


went with my GF to her other gym(PF), to use there stair master for some cardio.

Saw the most spastic women doing lateral raises at freakish pace w/ 5lbs, all momentum, flailing them around, then she instantly does this dumbell torso bending side oblique thing, i see fatties left and right doing this movement, real smart fat ass build up the oblique.

Better two college age broski's doing smith machine squats w/ a twenty five plate on each side not even getting close to parallel. MY GF is wanting to use the smith for squats, as they finish and she approaches they offer to remove the weights, she warms up w/ those 25lbs going ATG and then they, the broski's, watch as she modestly works up to working sets 12-15 reps of 180lbs.

watching her do incline presses and one arm rows w/ 50lb dumbells is amusing at that circus of a fitness center, i'd never call it a gym. The fucking guy next to her was probably 22yrs old and about 170lbs doing one arm rows w/ 20lbs!!! What the F could that possibly do, you might as well cancel your membership.

i'm bored so here's a pic on my lady she pushed more weight than 7-10 Hollister fruitcakes at PF.


looks like a keeper.