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dumbells vs smith

Monday I start Ian’s Phase II of SS. It has a good deal of time spent with a barbell. However my gym is expanding and until the fall I only have access to dumbells, machines and a smith machine. Should I sub dumbells presses and the like into phase II in place of doing the barbell sets on the Smith? Thanks for the input.


Absolutely use DBs instead of the smith. the smith will hurt your body and constricts your range of motion. The DB’s allow for natural motion and will also work your stabilizer muscles. Definately DB’s. Good luck with the program!

DB’s all the way.

Yeah, the Smith has got it’s uses but not for your chest! Go with the dumbells. Tell your GYM they fucking suck! My GYM did the same thing a long time ago and they got some shit ass contractor to do some refinishing. This guy took forever and they didn’t even care that memebers were paying dues while this was going on. Jerk offs…

Switch gyms. Immediately.