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Dumbells for ME Training

So I’m pretty new to T-Nation. Been reading a lot, and I’m a freshman in college.

What does everyone think about using Dumbells for ME training. I’ve heard they’re better for over all muscle hypertrophy, but I was curious if they have any place in a ME day, particularly as the main movement.

Sorry for a sort of newbie q…we’ll i guess it’s a newbie q.

Depends what your goals are.

DB de-load is good for benching off weeks, otherwise stick with a barbell for powerlifting.

You can do some single leg split squats with heavy DBs, should tear you up for lower ME days.

yup goal dependent for all around athletics sure even in rotataion as a PLer but if PLing is the goal your going to need plenty of time with the BB.

Outside of PLing sure for the upper body and some lower though you are going to be sacrificing a LOT of load ion things like the DL and squat with DB’;s

[quote]tigerak02 wrote:

You can do some single leg split squats with heavy DBs, should tear you up for lower ME days.


Great idea:)

dude do max lift with barbell then supplemtal lift with dumbells.

Not sure about ME DBs but I use DBs for almost all of my lower body training,mostly bulgarian and single legged squats in place of regular squats because of a messed up disk in my back. Then again if your goals are powerlifting I don’t see how you could really go without BBs.

use those dumbells for tricep extensions and hammer curls.

Sounds like a great way to injure yourself.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
Sounds like a great way to injure yourself.[/quote]

I agree. As much I love the Bulgarian Squat, it can be hard on the knees, and doing it as a ME exercise is just asking for knee problems. Balance and grip strength might also become the limiting factor, and you would have to save energy for the other leg or else you would develop an imbalance.

Here are a few points I would consider in this discussion.

Firstly on safety wise most movements if performed well can be very safe. Dumbbell bench press and so forth if performed competently are suit this category. Dumbbell work can result in a more fuller range of movement which can be great for, flexibility hypertrophy but in some instances can exacerbate some joint problems.

Another interesting point I would like to mention is that if this exercise is executed throughout the training career it should manageable in a ME condition. This point relates to the amount of stabiliser muscles recruited and that if a highly trained individual were to use this exercise and not have gradually developed these stablilising muscles than injury could be prevalent.

My second issue I would consider, and Dave Tate makes this point as well, is that beginners should be trying to utilise the repeated efforts to a higher degree. This is to both learn the movements (important for non powerlifters as well) and also to better develop and hypertrophy the required musculature. I mention the last point with full knowledge of the ME ability to elicit hypertrophy.

Last I would like to conclude with that although loading is sometimes hampered the balancing effects some dumbbell exercises can more than make up for downfalls.

We are all dynamic creatures and so should our training be. In this vein of thought I would propose that these exercises be pursued throughout ones career and practiced in a variety of ways

Yours sincerely Physical Culture
Long Live The Body Science

Try dumbell floor press for ME work.