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Dumbell Swings: Plyometric?


I was wondering if the dumbbell swing would be considered a plyometric exercise. I am a big fan of this move and want to incorporate in my training for posterior chain development but i am not yet to the point where i think i could handle true plyo type exercises yet.

I pose this question because after reading some of Staley's articles on CAT it seems the "swinging" of a lighter weight (relatively speaking) in this movement is what gives the speed needed to create muscular tension in the same way a traditonal DL would when pulling of the floor with heavy weight (again, speaking relatively).

Any thoughts?


I'd put it under the dynamic category more than plyometric. Plyometrics are where you keep contact with the ground, bench, step, etc for a minimal amount of time before exploding into the movement.


You can handle dumbell swings, they are a great introduction to dynamic training for beginners.

"True" plyometrics only consists of depth jumps and drops. Dumbell swings would be more of a preperation for a shock method like that.

Bottom line, do em. They're good for a warmup (when you go light) or to teach that dynamic hip extension when you go a little heavier.




That is good to hear. The momentum from the swinging motion really helps me sit back into a squat and activates my core VERY well to keep the torso upright.

As far as dynamic training in general, though, what is it's function as compared to plyometrics? I could see how the dynamic hip extension in this movement would help jumping and sprinting but how does it differ from plyo type exercises?

Also, right now my main goal is not so much dynamic power but more overall lean muscle development/hypertrophy and grooving the right motor patterns in compound movements within the core and posterior chain; will the swings be of benefit (they sure felt like it :)for what i want to accomplish?