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Dumbell Snatches


this is kind of a dumb question

if i did DB snatches 6x4 would i do four reps with each arm to finish one set ?


Yes, unless it was reps then sets.


That's right. When I write things out for unilateral movements (DB Snatches, Lunges, One-Arm DB Press) I indicate this by writing 6x4@ (read 6 sets of four reps on each side).


yes, 6x4/arm, so 48 TOTAL reps

i do one side, rest 30/60/90 seconds, do the other, rinse and repeat

i like db snatches. come to think of it, i like all kinds of snatches.



OK, now I'm going to ask a very dumb question: what's the point in one-arm exercises? Obviously there are some exercises that you have to do one at a time (like a bent-over row), but why bother when there's the option to do both?
Don't hurt me, it's just a question.



I am starting to do one armed snatches because of a back problem that I have. Actually, I'm not even working with the other arm. The erectors in my back are uneven and disportioned. My left side is much larger than the right (since I am right handed). So I do the snatches with my left arm to try and even out the right side of my lower back.

I have to do these since if I do DL or better yet Romanian DL or anything of the sorts, the stronger side tries to compensate for the weaker side equaling in a lot of pain. One side of my back is screaming and the other wonders if we're in Margaritaville.

Also one arm DLs too. Still do regular DLs, but work those in additionally.


Unilateral exercises typically bring in a lot more stabilizer muscles, so you can work more total muscle that way (ie, the mystical, magical "core" muscles). Oh, and you've never heard of barbell bent-over rows?


Gotcha. Now you've said it, it makes perfect sense.
I'm new to this and I haven't done barbell bent-over rows yet, as I'm following the Westside program. It's a fantastic program, but single-leg squats did take a bit of getting used to, especially as I've added more weight.