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Dumbell Shrugs.....


or barbell shrugs? When i do my dumbell shrugs how many reps should i do/how many sets and when I shrug up witht hem db's so u shrug straight up and try to roll ur shoulders back or can you be just as effective by just shrugging straight up?!



You should be learning how to do compound moves and how to eat to pack on strength&size and increase performance.


I am not claiming to know much about lifting and thats why I come to this board to learn, but I know what i am doing with my compound lifts, but have never reall done shrugs and i am trying to focus on my weaknesses which would be my traps. I also have a pretty good diet including 6 meals a day(chicken, tuna, grilled steak, rice, potatoes, broccoli, etc, intaking 230 grams of protein and am currently taking reg. whey along with nitro-tech(which is pretty good). Anyway I just dont know much about shrugs or which shrug exercise is more effective. thanx



db shrugs anytime.

You should start with your shoulders back and down, which means the bar will either be in front you, uncomfortably close to your magic wand, or will be behind you, stuck below your buttocks.


Bb and db shrugs are both good, do a little of both. I have heard that rotating your shoulders while shrugging will grind up your rotator cuffs over time, but who knows.

If you want big traps, dont forget to do heavy deadlifts and lots of face pulls.


Can you explain face pulls? thanx



What is "ILLINI!"?


The key for face pulls is the line they wrote:
"As you pull the rope back squeeze your shoulder blades together."

If you dont do that, its just another lat exercise.


Thanx for the link and info! The "Go ILLINI!" refers to the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. I live in Springfield, Ill and have been bleedin orange and blue since I was born.(orange and blue=school colors). Anyway thanks for the info and I will definately try the face pulls.