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Dumbell Rows or Chin-Ups


ABBH1 has chins, barbell bent rows and deads. And gets you in and out of the gym quickly with great results. Have you looked into trying it for a program? It certainly has helped my development.


Are pullups like chinups except you use an over-hand grip?


Our main workout consists of Squats/Rows/Dips(with weight) and because we work real hard at those we're completely screwed. We finish up with Biceps/Triceps/Abs because we can't manage another multi-joint after that. We workout twice per week (wed/fri) not the most perfect schedule but we do what we can.

for the moment doing that workout twice a week works and we're still progressing workout after workout. I was just thinking of possibly replacing Rows with Chins.

I've tried for good form but I've noticed my left arm has gotten noticably bigger whilst my right lat has gotten noticably bigger. hehe


I was under the impression that they worked on different movement planes. Rows work the horizontal plane, unlesss we are talking upright rows, and chins work the vertical.
If you don't do both your setting yourself up for imblances down the road.


Well, since you have so little time to work, try just for a week or two to substitute snatch grip dl in for squat or add it in. You will definitely notice a back workout. It would be a great change of pace, as well as adding quality back work. Just a thought.


If I were to pich one it would be pull-ups and chins simply because of the variety they afford. There are so many grips and ways to do them it's insane. It's all about technique. Some variations must be performed with a thumbless grip, some with a limited range of motion and others with both. Plus all you need is a pretty light dumbell as your body will provide 95% of the weight.

Also I found it very effective to do HORIZONTAL pull-ups and chins. All you need is some support for your legs(another bar, shelf...) or a partner can hold your legs. Basicaly it looks like a push-up upside down. There's an even more hardcore version but I'll save that for another thread.


You do the same workout twice per week? Maybe not the best set up, but if it's going fine, continue with it. And I don't see where the problem is now...just do rows on Wed and pullups on Fri. I would also do back squats on one day and front squats on the other, normal deadlifts and stiff-leg deadlifts, etc. Doing different variations of the same exercises (or a different exercise for the same bodypart) will be more beneficial for you. You'll probably find you're less tired, but sorer after each session :slight_smile:

Any chance you can do Tue and Fri? Only leaving 1 day in between fullbody workouts seems like too little.

And yes, in a chinup the palms of your hands are facing towards you, while in the pullup they are facing away from you. Generally, people use a wider grip for pullups and a narrower one for chinups. Pullups are more lat oriented, chinups use a lot of biceps.


We've only Wed + Fri to workout for the moment, but after the Fri we get in alot of recovery time.

We really hit our bodies hard in succession and then take that extra bit of recovery time in. It's working well so far.

Hell, we could be starting a new trend in training :wink:


There are a ton of back movements that can be done. You should cycle through various movements. What are you trying to accomplish? I primarily train for powerlifting. I'll cycle through 3-6 accessory/supplemental exercises per week for my back (primary lats). I'll wave these for 3-4 weeks then make some changes in exercise.

My accessory/supplemental lifts for back include upright row, seated cable row, chest supported row, chins & pullups to both strenum and strict vertical, bent-over barbell rows, one arm dumbbell rows, two arm bent-over dumbbell rows, face pulls. Recently I started doing fatman pulls & chins, as well as low pulley 45 degree bent-over rows. I feel more in my lats with these last two movements than any other I've felt. The fatmans really hit my forearms and biceps hard too because I can do many more reps with these than vertical chins/pulls.


Pardon my ignorance, but what are these?


You just answered your own question 1 Day Pullups/Chins the other day do rows different reps ranges as well. I sound like Chad W :slightly_smiling:


I suppose I would need to get mentally comfortable with the idea of training 1-Lift per week instead of the usual 2-per week. :wink:

Good thread, some useful info! Thanks


Generally, so ive read, pull-ups and chin-ups are just different sides of the hand facing you. Pull-ups are usually assosciated with the backside of the hand facing your face. Chin-ups, the opposite, have the palm facing your face.

To improve your chin-ups/pull-ups its best to pull yourself up to your lower neck, rather than just your chin. The extra ROM will give you a great deal of help when trying to get more reps onto your exercises later.


Good question...