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Dumbell Row Scapula Problems


It seems when i do bent over dumbbell rows my scapular doesnt properly retract and depress, it seems as if around about the top of my shoulders take over the movement, this may be because of inactive weak lower trapezius but i cant seem to activate them and strengthen them up, anyone recommend some good rehab excercises.



face pulls. i think... that is what face-pulls are for. scapular push-ups, too.

i have the same problem with rows. with chins / pull-ups / lat pull-downs, too.

trying to superset my warm-ups with face-pulls to help me activate the right things.

i think it is helping... but time will tell.

P.S., don't be afraid to lower the weight as low as you need to in order to be able to get focused activation. once you have the activation your strength will quickly progress.


Lowering the weight definitely helps. I've also found that those 'poor boys' or 'the beggar' or whatever it's called works really well if your arms are rotated inwards. Underhand cable rows work really well too.