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Dumbell Routine

I searched the site but can’t seem to find a specific routine for Dumbells, which is obviously all I have access to, along with a bench.

I won’t bore you with my current program but I’m lifting 3x a week, with chest/shoulders/ triceps one day, legs/core the next, ending with back/biceps.

What is your goal?

Short term…fat loss to around 200

Long term, gain muscle to around 220-230

Currently 6’4 235, but carrying a 38" waist.

Try these especially the Waterbury complex…


Thanks…I was doing squats with the dumbells at my collar bone and at my side…this seems to be a more natural movement.

Question on the squats…I have pretty bad knee soreness most of the time due to partial meniscus tears in both knees. Do you think it’s okay to train through the constant soreness, or to just stick with exercises that don’t aggravate the knee? If so what exercises would you recommend? Straight leg deadlifts are pretty easy on my knees, and bodyweight squats are okay too.

FYI, no plans to have surgery to remove the meniscus, at leadt in the next few years or so.

wouldnt do anything to aggravate the knees. Also look up on this site and google Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey’s stuff for knee rehab