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Dumbell Incline 130lbs x 17


in before 'OMG but that's LOW incline'.

yes i know.

waylanderx is gay. so is bugadishaAD. i would know


Impressive lifting! No gay.


impressive lifting, AND nails the dismount! so many brosephs just drop the db's.


Why so many reps?


he's just trying to tone.


god u r gay for posting this

strong lifting faces though


teach me how to scare teh weightz


Doesnt count if you as isnt off the bench. n3wb


Fuckin n00b didn't even flex in the mirror then check his hawt abz.... pfft.


Oh right

That long lean athletic look


Does this mean I can make my own threads everytime I do a cool lift???


it'd be boring b/c every lift of yours is cool



What abz?


I'm impressed fo sho




holymac is a beast



Retard strength.



All that and still no video of setting off the lunk alarm?


My thoughts exactly, you beat me to it.

What a cocktease. Cuz it would've been SOOOO hard to do this at a PF and just throw the DBs down. Oh wait nvmd, they don't have 130's.


Congrats. You're somewhat stronger than this girl.


But yeah, nice stuff, man.