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Dumbell Flies


Hey im pretty sure you guys have seen my previous beginner posts on diet and all that. I have a question about dumbell flyes.

Im 17...5'9"..170lbs..and my bench max is about 185lbs(pathetic but i just started lifting). Basically i wanna superset inclined dumbell flyes right after im done with my flat bench sets. How much weight should i be using with the dumbells?

Also if i max out my bench at 185lbs...how much weight should i be using to rep 6-8...4-6...2-4....1-2?(Thats how i wanna start doin my sets...two warmups..then enough weight to do 6-8 reps, then put on more weight afte that set to only be able to do 4-6 reps etc etc). ANY help on this please..thanks...also a critique of how i wanna do my sets

p.s. i do this on every excercise..from squats to benches...except on excercises that i can do to failiure..because i work out at home without a spotter.


Im curious as to what program you chose on this site that uses dumbell flies?

On your last post I gave you very simple and valuable advice: get a program from this site.


i had a previous program lol...whats wrong with dumbell flyes for a superset...after a compound excercise like a bench press?


Flies were never my favorite, although I used to do them quite a bit. They were a little hard on my shoulders and what not, so when I dropped them I didn't miss them. If you are looking for more mass, then do heavy pressing on bench and dumbell bench (inclines also). My chest has gotten bigger and stronger doing heavy bench presses, much more so than it ever was doing flies.

If you look at Defranco's westside for skinny bastards, on ME day, he has one working up to a heavy triple on bench press, then doing around 4 sets of dumbell bench presses afterwards. This worked wonders for me.


You may want to check out Optimized Volume Training.



My sentiments exactly.