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Dumbell Clean and press

Do any of you use dumbell clean and presses? If you do what kind of weights are you lifting?

I enjoy doing them and have worked up to two 75lb dumbells for a few reps(1 clean and 3 presses). I can get 80lb when doing just one dumbell though it is quite tough.

Im curious as I want to know if what Im lifting is decent amount for my size (180lb) and if any of you have any good advice for increasing your overhead pressing.

I like the barbell better for this movement.

I’ll occasionally do these every once in awhile in my westside training when working accessory parts to my bench.

I typically will do a rep range of 8-10 for 3 sets. depending on how I feel. I’ll rep out 65’s. I’ve never tried to max such a exercise, but I’m guessing I could do 85-90s.

Glad to see you’re not doing high reps with this movement. (And any other Olympic derivation, I hope.)

With regards to overhead pressing, here are some ideas:

  1. Any of Charles Poliquin’s “Maximal Weights” rep schemes: 5% Solution, 6x2-4, Broad-Based Pyramid, etc.

  2. Don Alessi’s program outlined in issue 186.

  3. Westside principles applied to overhead pressing.

  4. Push-Press up a load greater than you can strict press and do eccentrics that way.

That should be enough to keep you busy for a while. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Westside principles will work (DE, ME, Repetition) for overhead work very well. We use them with overhead log presses with great success.
80’s seem preety good for a 180 lb’er. I dunno, I have only played around with the DB Clean, have done a 120 lb. DB Snatch though.

I was thinking that westside might be a good idea for it. I prefer overhead lifting to benching.

I remember reading an old article by Sig Klien where he talked about how a true test of strength was 100lb dumbell clean and press for 10 reps. That would be SWEET!

If you’re using dumbbells I suggest doing one arm at a time. Otherwise just use a barbell for both arms. Just my opinion.

I’ve managed to clean and strict press a 100 lb. dumbbell for 1 rep before. I’ve also done a 130 lb. dumbbell for 3 reps doing a snatch.

Strict press a 100! Thats pretty cool. As I said, the most I got was 80 with one hand and the press involved some leg drive. 100 seems like a good goal. Im gunning for the 100 by the end of th year and the 400 deadlift aswell.

If using Westside what different exercises does everyone think should best be rotated on max effort day? or is there any reason to believe that in this case there is no good reason to do so on the grounds that Olympic lifters do not rotate overhead lifts and presumably when the barbell press was included in competition that exercise was the only one trained.


Managed to clean a 90lb dumbell today and I ve lost 11lbs using “Eat like a man”!!!

Spiderman is a happy little web slinger!!

I have neglected my dumbell clean and press but I am keen to get back into it. Im interested in using Westside principles to boost up my dumbell clean and press and I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me any pointers or hints to get me going.

What different moves would you guys recommend for ME days that would fit in with what Im trying to do?

Thanks in advance,