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Dumbell Bench Press Carryover


Because my power rack has holes that are widely spaced apart, I can't get the full range of motion on my barbell bench press on days I don't have a spotter. I was thinking of doing dumbell bench press on days I don't have a spotter . Would it have a carry over to my barbell bench press ?



I have the same problem, have you ever thought about putting plates under your bench? Works for me. And as for the DB's, I cant really answer that for you, everyone has diffrent results. For me, I didnt get to much out of using them.


I can't see any reason why it won't. What do you want to achieve from doing bench presses? Chest hypertrophy or for powerlifting? Since I find that for me my chest responds better with slight incline and decline bench press, maybe you can try using an incline or decline bench so as to make the safety bars line up correctly.


In general would it be a good idea to use dumbells over barbells for upper body work ?


If I had to choose, id say barbell. But if you can do both...


i would say building in a cycle between dumbbell and barbell lifts would actually increase your overall strength AND musculature.


Dumbbells carry over just fine, that is if you have them in a high enough weight. The reason most people don't like doing them is because they can't do as much weight. I have seen many bench plateaus blasted through by switching to dumbbells for a few weeks. The plus side is that you get a larger range of motion from dumbbells. So, I say do them!


When you do dumbbell bench press do you do it one arm at a time or both arms at the same time ?



It can be done either way, although I recommend doing them both.