Dumbbells. :)

Looking for dumbbells. Now I knew they costed alot of money but damn!!! That was in Canadian funds too. Besides Power blocks anyone make reasonably priced dumbbells? Don’t want Power blocks. :slight_smile:

I got mine from a local sporting goods store for ~CN$60, but you could go to a junkyard & get some 2" thick pipe, cut them to length, get some Bulldog collars & you’ll have some nice thick handled db’s for lifting. :slight_smile:

While teaching weight lifting at the University of Utah, myself and some other instructors started a plate campiagn. That is we collected as many 11/4 to 10 pound plates as we could find. Some in always has them for sale cheap at yard sales or is giving them alway.
Anyway we gather enough plates to weld from 50 to 175 pound dumbbells. First we welded to 1 inch washers to the end of a inch hot rolled steel rod. Then stacked the correct number of plates. Put on two more washer, then a piece of 6" thick walled electrical pipe, two more washers and then the rest of the plates plus two more washer. We cut the rod and welded the washer to the far end.
It is worth a try if you have then room.
Best of luck.

5 dollars American…ahem…I mean…60 bucks Canadian??? Your shitting me right? For a complete set? Like say 5 to 100 lbs in increments of 5 lbs? Hell 5 to 80 pounders would be a start. Find dumbbells above 50 lbs has been hard. What store? Thanks Drax. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Having engineering talents myself I really think I could make a dumbbell set cost far less. :slight_smile:

How about looking at your local iron dungeons, i.e., gyms? Sometimes they’re replacing old equipment with new. It’ll be used equipment, but nevertheless, equipment. Doesn’t hurt to ask and find out how much they want for a old set of dumbbells. If you’re capable of building, you may be capable of fixin’, too!

I meant olympic plate loading ones.

I’ll sell you my old Sears set real cheap, The old plastic, cement filled suckers. Course you’ll have to pay for the shipping. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I think I’m just gonna stop being cheap and buy the damn things. But Drax you gave me a good idea I could buy up to say 50 lbs and then use plate loading dumbbells to get the range of the rest. Seeing as once you get near 50 lbs. the price is insane.


Plastic cement filled uuuhhhhh hold on it’s coming…NO!!! Heheheh. Thanks anways. :slight_smile:

hey i too am considering a home gym cause i’m sick and tired of the fat lady/homo/annoying fuck/pretty boy meca that is my 24 “fitness center”. anyway I was thinking to cut costs in half buy db’s in 10lb increments and use a set of plate mates to go up in 5 or even 2 1/2lb increments.