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Dumbbells For Home Use?

Anyone ever had any experience with Power Blocks or any other similar brands? Looking to get some for home, but wanted to go with a good company.

Far as i know power blocks are consider the best for adjustable type DBs.


Yeah, they looked good, just hit the pocketbook hard, haha.

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Yeah they have a heavy set they call the pro set. Which i would like but can’t bring myself to spend that amount.

I know, I saw a few pairs nearing $2k…maybe someday. I think for now, if I can get the
5-90lb set I’ll be fine.

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I’ve had the 70 lb set for around ten years with no issues. I don’t drop them, though.

I bought some adjustable dumbbells and a bunch of 10lb and 5lb weights. Works good and is cheap.

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How much is the 90lb set? I got adjustable DBs from Wal Mart. They go up to 100 each and were around $200.

Oh that’s way better. These were like $500. I’ll have to check them out. I have some handles and small plates from Walmart, but I can only load them up to like 70, 75, and if I split them evenly I can get each one up to about 40, 45. I don’t know how much just some more plates would cost but I thought the Power Blocks or something similar would just be simpler - take up less room and such. But I’d definitely like to not spend $500, so if I can find some cheaper ones that aren’t total crap I’d be interested.

Facebook Marketplace can be a gold mine.


That’s where I got my adjustable handles. Titan fitness has been out of stock for a while and lucked up there.

My wife was able to find some used 10lb plates at a used sports store. I got some other 5 and 10lb plates from Facebook.

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I’ve always heard that, but when I check out my area, or even entire state, haha, there’s almost never anything fitness related. I know some have stocked entire home gyms through facebook and craigslist but I’ve never found anything more than some 10lb dumbbells. Still keep an eye on it, though.

i have ironmasters with the 120 add on. I bought them 10 years ago and they are still working perfect. I use to bang these bitches too. Getting hype in highschool and throwing them down after my sets and such. If you want adjustable dbs i can say with certainty these will last you a lifetime. I used them in Florida too with high humidity.

Those look nice but they are quite expensive

You can add a lot of weight with these

I also have some 25lb plates. I recommend this

I use the bowflex brand adjustable dumbbells.
They seem to work fine. I am fairly gentle with them regardless. YMMV

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I have the 90lb Power Block dbs. I really like them. The only issue they are awkward for goblet squats.

I bought a pair of Powerblocks two months ago and have been really happy with them.