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Dumbbells and/or Barbell?


I am thinking about buying a set of dumbells to be able to get in one or two more workouts per week besides my two regular workouts at the gym.
As I am on a really tight budget right now, I dunno whether I should only get some dumbbells or also a barbell. Dont have a bench nor squat rack at home but could use the barbell for dls, ohs`s etc.
What do you guys suggest? Does it make sense to buy the barbell too, or is a dumbbell set enough for a decent workout at home?


If you are on a tight budget, go with the barbell set. It will cost you a small fortune to buy dumbbells heavy enough to get good workouts in. New dumbbells usually run 20 cents+ a pound while you can get a complete barbell set for around $135.


Be sure to shop around at yard sales and on craigslist.org. You can find some great deals at either one that can help with the budget and the equipment.

I agree though that if you have to buy from a store, go with the barbells. Cheaper in the long run.


Thanks for the advise guys,
problem though is that I live in Germany and this is still dry land for weightlifting. So it is tough get hold of used equipment other than pink 2 Lbs dumbbells.
Most stores have sales right now for sets containing a barbell, dumbbells and weights.

As you pointed out, a barbell is the way to go, I will probably get such a package, as the dumbbells will be useful for single leg exercises.

I see that as a start to my homegym, which I will definitly put together after school. Most German gyms are so poorly equiped with free weights, racks, etc. you would not believe it.
Thx again.


If you do it right all you need is a set of 20lb dumbbells and you can have a workout that will get you into awesome shape. I say 20lbs because that is all most athletes need when starting off. If you are interested give this workout a try next time you go to the gym.

Dumbbell Upright Row x 6
Dumbbell High Pull Snatch x 6
Dumbbell Squat Push Press x 6
Dumbbell Bent Over Row x 6
Dumbbell High Pull Snatch x 6
Dumbbell lunge forward/back X 6
Dumbbell Lunge side to side x 6
this = 1 set, you do exercise after exercise non-stop until your completed.

Perform 3 sets with 2 min break



Get a pullup bar instead.


There's at least ONE good sportclub in every area. I live in Belgium, and while the Germans have Ruhl, we don't have anybody. But there's a decent club with plenty of free weights in my area. It's not close, it's a 20 minute drive, but it's cheap, nicely equiped and you get some decent advice if you need help.

The problem is, finding it. They seldom advertise. Luckily, someone pointed this club out for me, or I would never have found them.


I noticed this about Europe, hard to buy lots of the stuff we take for granted in the uk. Hell you can wade into Asda-Wallmart or Argos in any town and pick up a load of cast iron weights for pretty cheap over here. I have some nice collared dumbells which can go pretty heavy if you load them up and I sometimes work specific body parts if I have no time to workout down the gym because of teaching.

As mentioned, pull up bar is also handy, you can really make good use of that for minium outlay.


In regards to finding a gym in Europe, does anyone know of a gym in Wuerzberg Germany? I am traveling there 2 weeks after my BB show and I want to be able to lift.


Sandbags can be made for very cheap. I just made a 100# set for $40. My set consists of smaller sandbags (sand wrapped in tough 3mm plastic bags and duct taped together) in 10, 20, 40, and 60# units. I can put whatever weight I want into a large duffelbag and go at it. An additional 100# would probably cost about $20 more.

This is in addition to my current setup of Powerblock dumbells, Olymic barbell set, and squat/power rack.

But if I were to go low budget, I'd buy a used barbell set, make some sandbags, and do Oly lifts and sandbag variations all day long.


Barbell! I'm sure you can handle doing weighted push-ups for now. I am since my break from going to the gym. I've got a barbell, dip bar, pull-up bar, swiss ball, DBs (that aren't really heavy enough for any "serious" compound lifting), and some other small stuff like a swiss ball, punching bag etc.

After buying a barbell with some plates I'd try and score a pull-up/dip bar. Then work it out from there. Sometimes people give shit away so be on the lookout and don't forget you could very possible make your own pull-up bar!

Barbell MOVES that don't require a rack:
Front Squat
Hack Squat
Deadlift variations
Clean and Jerk
-Those are probably all the most effective compound moves you can do and all with a barbell (w/out a power rack).

Look up some hybrid moves Alwyn Cosgrove suggests you can do for a total body workout with a barbell and moderate weight.


Tell me why this workout looks awfully familiar? It was designed by romanian guy in muscle & fitness. I knew being a dork and reading flex and m & f every month would give me some be helpful at some point. =D