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Dumbbell workouts

Hey, I was wondering about a complete rotation for dumbbells, I just bought a set of dumbbels because I don’t have the time to go to a gym right now, when ever I have free time the gyms are closed and of course when that is the case I can’t go so I would like to see a breake down if any one has thought to develop a routine for dumbbell. you would be of great help thanks ~Ben

Renegade training: www.renegadetraining.com and Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning. In CC traning, you wouldn’t need to use the dumbbells.

Step 1 - Design a workout just like you normally would.

Step 2 - Substitue dumbells for all barbell exercises. <p) Step 3 - For those exercise that dumbells do not easily substitute for, pick an exercise that works the same muscle group but in a different way. For example, maybe you want to deadlift, but you dbs aren't heavy enough. Instead, do one arm snatches or two arm cleans.

With dumbells and a stability ball, you could easily be able to do completely functional workouts almost all the time.

And check out Coach Davies' articles here for a ton of different exercises that can be done with dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags,kegs or whatever. Just get creative! Actually half the time you don't even need to be creative, you can just substitute dbs where you used to use barbells.