Dumbbell vs. Bar Bench

Any one have in sight on using dumbbell vs Bar bench (especially for chest). I used to work out solo, so I never had a spot. To be safe I started using dumbbells instead of a bar for my bench presses. That way I could go till failure and just let the weights fall to the side. Along the way a friend told me that using dumbbells was actually better because it worked stabilizer muscles.

The only thing that I noticed about this was that even though I could press far more then my friends on dumbbells when we would use the bar they seemed to have a small edge? I want to stick with my dumbbells because I really do like them, but I?m thinking of adding a set of bar press as well. Would this be over kill? I?m wondering if I would be better off to do as heavy of weight possible and only do one or the other, instead of doing both.

Any one have experience in this area?

How about doing your first few sets with a barbell and then exerting yourself more with dumbells. This way, you wont get pinned, but you get to work on your technique for barbell. Then you can get closer to your point of fatigue with dumbells.


maybe alternating bench dips and dumbell bench would be better, that way you put more focus on the pectorals when the triceps are exhausted.

When you lift with your friends, only use barbells. I’ll bet you pass them soon, since you’ve got more room to perfect your technique and maximize those muscles. …and, since they probably only use dbs with you, they’re unlikely to pass you up. Now you win all around.

Isn’t being stronger than your friends what it’s about?