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Dumbbell/T Bar Swing


Who includes these as a regular part of their routine?

I don't mean light weight for 50 reps. I mean Heavy (to the individual) for around 6-12 reps?

I done these the day before yesterday and Christ, My whole posterior chain is fried in a good way. Especially my glutes. Usually I only ever feel my glutes when I sprint. Deadlifts and squats I don't feel at all.

I used a Dumbell loaded up to 37.5kg as I don't have a T bar.

What do others think about these?


Basically the same thing as kettlebell swings. They have their place.


Oh yea, I know. Just My kettlebell is too light, so I decided to use a dumbell (Hence the post title).

Would you have any idea why I feel swings so much more in my posterior chain than I do with deadlifts or squats?


does that help at all?

it also may be as simple as just doing something new. i know i can do goodmornings with 185 for reps with no issues but i did swings with a 73lbs KB last week and my back still feels out of whack from it. that was the first time i went that heavy for as many reps as i did.


What do swings and sprints have in common? Explosiveness.

That, plus some likely technique issues (deeper/more full ROM, possibly), are most likely why you're activating the glutes more with these than in other exercises.

Heavy swings are actually an old school exercise. Nothing necessarily wrong with them, as long as you treat them like anything else - respect the movement and don't sacrifice sound form for bigger weight. If you do them, and the results get you closer to your goal, why not keep at it?

Bret Contreras discussed that exact study in this article:


Thanks, that was an interesting read.


Hey thanks for the post.

on the subject of form, I think I have great form on swings. Also on squats. I almost obsess over form.

her are a couple of videos of my squat form (pathetic weight I know, but I'd rather move less weight well, than move more weight less well) I think I have great hip mobility.

So I think it must be like you said - Explosiveness