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Dumbbell Shoulder Press Form


I guess this is the appropriate section to post this video in (hopefully).
Basically here's a vid of me shoulder pressing 85 lbs DBs, and I'd like you to critique my form (ROM, form, control over the weight, etc.) and tell me if it's fine and what I could improve on. Thanks.

From what I see my left wrist is bent inwards too much (unintentional), but apart from that, what could I improve on?


Also in case anyone's wondering I'm lifting in my garage (I don't usually lift there).


My opinion:

  1. fix your left wrist so you're holding the db correctly
  2. stand up when overhead pressing
  3. go lower with the dbs (that may just be me)


Thanks for the input. Concerning the left wrist, yeah I agree, that was unintentional and after watching the vid I made sure to keep my left wrist straight on the following sets.
I also do standing overhead presses after I do seated DB shoulder presses, but I feel the seated version hits my delts more, especially when I don't fully lock out, as in the vid.
And as for the ROM, I used to go lower, but lots of people told me to stop doing it as they said it might be harmful for my rotator cuffs in the long run.


Looks like you have a mobility issue in your left arm (could be due to elbow OR shoulder problem). See a good muscle doc or chiro.


Thanks for the reply, but how did you see that?


^ Needs real gym.


I actually posted that I don't usually lift in my garage... I have an expensive set of adjustable DBs and a bench, might as well use 'em every 2-3 weeks. Anyway thanks for your helpful input


Should I go deeper? Because pretty much the only problems with my lift were my left wrist which I fixed and the ROM, but some people are telling me I'm going low enough and that going lower isnt necessary.


Cut the weight in half.


Full ROM.

Repost video.


I do standing presses after seated DB shoulder presses. And cut the weight in half...so I should do 40s or 45s...lol, funny


Out of curiosity, why would standing by itself help him when it comes to muscle growth?



I don't mind standing barbell presses but standing up when using dumbbells severely limits the weight I can use. Way to much focus goes into not dropping them or dislocating my shoulders. So I do them seated.

Your ROM is fine IMO, but experiment a little and see what works best for you.


Thanks for you replies. On standing DB Shoulder Presses I Use 70 lbs DBs for reps, but keep in mind I do them after seated DB shoulder presses.


I don't know why people are trolling like every bodybuilder built their shoulders with standing movements. It's probably more like 5% of them.. form looks fine besides cocked wrist.. bodybuilding forum is strange at times..


Thanks. I agree. I also agree that my left wrist is fucked up in that vid, the following delt workout I improved by trying to hold my left wrist straight, was able to but still not as straight as the right wrist, don't know what the hell is up with my left wrist, maybe some injury, it cracks and makes popping noises everytime I move it...




Well what kind of critiques are you looking for? No one said there was anything really inherently wrong with what you're doing so...

Anyway, if it applies, I don't like bringing my hands in at the top of the rep. For me it shifts more stress to the tri's.


Sorry if I wasn't specific enough in my question. I basically just wanted to know if my form and ROM were fine and if not what I should improve, but I guess like you said there's not much to change.


Oh, well it just comes down to personal preference and what it feels like going through the motion.