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Dumbbell Shadow Boxing Article

One thing to consider with it. If it is light enoungh, like 1lb, that’s actually not going to be much different from the weight of the gloves, and wraps etc. Plus holding something helps make a fist more like you do with gloves on.

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f you are already doing boxing work then it’s a waste of time. Spend your training time doing stuff you aren’t already doing in your sporting practice

I was always taught, however it was long ago so info may have changed some, is that punching with weights over the 1lb mark can cause damage in the joints, especially shoulders and elbows.
I aleays wore ankle weights when i did road work and weighted bag gloves on bag work. When I sparred or just did open handwork it was either hands only or with tournament legal gloves (was into kick boxing from mid teens to early 20’s)
Info has definitely changed thru the years tho so I’m interested in what others have to say.

Shadow box with gloves on then?

Coach, can light weights be used for Jump squats e.g 20% 1RM, or is the unweighted version better for speed and explosiveness?

Studies have show that maximum power is showcased between 20 and 30% on the jump squat. Meaning that loaded jump squats are better than unloaded jumps to build power. THAT HAVING BEEN SAID loaded jumps can interfere with jump mechanics/timing which is why if you use them you have to do unloaded jumps too.

Loaded jumps and power variations of the olympic lifts to build power. Unloaded jumps to transfer improve jumping mechanics and transfer the gains in power.