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Dumbbell Romanian DL Weight


I am following one of Chad Waterbury’s programmes which asks for a Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift. I found a video of it and am happy enough to give it a try. My question is if I can deadlift 50kg for the set/rep range what should I be able to do with a Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift for the same set/rep range?

Would it be the same, 25kg DB in each hand or much less?

I appreciate the help.

What you can do depends on you. No one on this board can tell you exactly what you will be able to do, but only speculate. Try 15kg first in each hand and test the difficulty. Increase by 5kg in each hand each time and see if 25kg per hand is really a challenge. Thats my best advice. It will only take about 2 minutes to figure this out so you wont lose much training time.


give it a try; too heavy? lower the weight

that’s the fun.

Also, it’s whatever weight you can use with good form.

Ok cheers guys, trial and error it is :slight_smile:

I just had it in my head that there was some ideal ratio for certain lifts, like if you can squat X then you should be able to deadlift Y if you are proportionally correct.

Some people have given general guidelines, I think there was an article on here a few months ago, but it’s really just that, general. Depending on your body, you’re going to have slightly different leverages, and certain muscle groups will be more dominate, so trial and error is the only way to accurately determine your load for an exercise.