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Dumbbell Recommendations

Hi. I need some good dumbell bars with room. I’ve got the weider ones for standard plates–but they have screw on collars and I’m really getting tired of having to screw and unscrew to change weights–it’s a small thing but it’s still a thing, dammit! Plus I’m about out of room on those with 4 10’s per side.
I have more 10’s and 5’s in standard plates than olympic plates, but that could change…
I looked over at the IronMind web page, but there’s something about spending $200 on dumbell bars that galls me, of course if it has to be it has to be.
Was hoping someone here could point me in a good direction, thanks.

Well, I got 4 25 pound standard plates, but it’s a bitch working with them. I thought about making my own bars and drilling holes and just sticking a pin in the hole to keep the plates from sliding off, like one of those little pins with the ball bearing near the tip. Maybe some day.

Get a pair of powerblocks instead. Ive had them for years and theyre still as good as new.

[quote]AllBizNiz wrote:
Get a pair of powerblocks instead. Ive had them for years and theyre still as good as new.[/quote]

I couldn’t agree with you more. I got mine almost ten years ago and I still use them 4-5 times a week. Best investment I’ve ever made.

thanks. Powerblocks look great, but to get 90 lbs or better, they’re expensive…I don’t mind changing plates, it’s just those screw collars that are pissing me off.

Well, Power Blocks are excellent, but if you don’t want to put out that kind of money right now check out www.discountfitnessoutlet.com They have great prices and customer service and very fast shipping. You can get a pair of olympic dumbbell handles with collars for $50 DELIVERED.

I just ordered a pair and I love them. I also ordered a couple pairs of Muscle Clamp collars from another site. These are excellent collars–very secure and very easy and fast to put on or take off.


Depending on where you are you can get a more than decent set of Oly plate db bars at sports authorit for around $45, same at Dicks. DONT GO TO WALMART!!! I did. BAD choice.

The ones from the above though more than serve the purpose and are Solid for me, no probs.

Hope that helps,

I have used a pipecutter on those cheapo hollow standard sized bars to cut the ones they provide as a bench bar into a long dumbbell bar. Then using the spring coil collars(like gripper springs).This worked realy well, but there is a much greater resistance in twisting motions due to the greater length.But who knows, maybee some people like that.
The pipecutter is the type that clamps a cutting wheel to the bar with rollers on the opposite side. As you twist around the bar the wheel cuts a perfect groove right through.Very nice, and handy for plumbing too.Home Depot has them, as do most hardware stores.