Dumbbell Pullover Shoulder Pain

Hi Christian,

I have a question about the dumbell pullover exercise that you endorse in the Missing Movement article ( The Missing Movement ).

I started doing it last week, for the first time (with very light weight). I absolutely love it and I can feel it work my core and chest in ways previously unknown, like you described.

However, during the movement I can hear a muffled “click” sound in my right shoulder and feel a small movement in the joint/bone of the shoulder. After my seccond session with this exercise (and a bit heavier weights but still far away from 1RM or even 7RM), a day later I start feeling shoulder pain there.

The same thing happened to me before with two other exercises - the overhead press (military press) and the front plate raise over the head. In both cases the pain went away after I stopped doing those excercises. Now it came back with the dumbell pullover.

Does this mean I am “doomed” to not be able to do this movement, or is it something I can “work through” and the joint will adapt and the pain will go away eventually?

The “click” feeling in the shoulder is also present during flat bench dumbell press but it hasn’t been followed by any shoulder pain so far, so I keep doing these (but I ditched barbell bench presses some time ago to give my shoulders more freedom when pressing).

Thank you for the advice.