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Dumbbell Press


whats up iv been struggling with the flat bench dumbbell press for like a month now it never goes up while my incline and decline improve almost every week im thinking it might be my triceps i already rotate between skull crushers and close grip press im out of ideas i do the layne norton phat routine so i work each bodypart 2x a week any advice thanks


lika bawse


Have you tried steroids?


What weight and reps are you using with these exercises?

What was your bodyweight last month? What did you weigh yesterday?

What's your specific goal?


im doing 95's on incline for 8 reps decline 90's for 8 flat im stuck on 85's i weigh 190 i bounce between 190 and 195


your not eating enough


Are you training to get a strong flat db bench press? If your incline and decline db bench are improving and give you good gains then maybe flat bench isn't for you. Personally I always feel a better stretch ad contraction in my pecs using a slight incline.

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