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Dumbbell Press Substitution

I’m using the letter to young wendler program and have been making good progress on it. However, I’m starting to have some tendinitis in my triceps. I was wondering if on the day I have presses its scheduled to have dumbbell presses after the press. Can I substitute lateral raises or upright rows to give the triceps a break?

Where exactly is the pain?

Above the elbow. It goes away after some nsaids and rest. However since it’s an accessory I figured it may be substituted

I’d exchange for some plate raises, (all the way above your head)

Are you sure it’s solely related to your triceps? I had pretty decent elbow tendinitis which made OHP painful but it came from poor squat grip and pull ups. Just worth considering IMO, unless you’ve definitely pinned down the cause.

I agree with this. I still have bad elbows, and I used to have bad shoulders, but most of it all came from too many pull ups and trying to pull the bar down into me when I squat. Also, try “rolling out” your triceps and forrarm with a bar. Set it up around squat height and just apply pressure with your body and roll back and forth on your tris and forearms.

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Anything that doesn’t hurt . Pushups probably loaded would be a good one. Have you tried perhaps horizontal grip to see if they hurt i.e. with the dumbbell press.

I dont care how much I get flamed but pulling the bar down into your shoulders while squatting is fucked up. Just find a tight position (grip width) and do you really think you need to pull the weight down when gravity is already doing just that??

There are a ton of coaches that advocate this and I was saying I used to do this. Its not a good idea. I could never find a good position before hand. Read before replies

Bingo. I only squeeze and pull down on the bar above about 85%. All other times I sit it on my shoulders and set my back tight AF with relaxed hands.

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