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Dumbbell or Barbell Bench?


what do u guys prefer? I simply do dumbbell but is it harder with dumbbells or barbell? And will dumbbell bench help and raise my barbell bench up?


Do both.


I prefer getting stronger, so I use all the tools and movements that work my weaknesses. Dumbells are more likely to directly work the pecs and the triceps secondarily. Barbell is more likely to work the pecs and tri's equally or the tris preferentially (depending on how you do them).

There's no reason not to bounce back and forth between them or incorporate both BB and DB chest work in the same session. Just change the bench angle. Switch it up. Keep good records.


THe thing is im already used to bench press but if i do dumbbell can i still raise my barbell bench up?


Dumbbells generally are harder than a barbell and yes one will help the other.


I prefer dumbbell benching, I'm not a big fan of conventional barbell bench press. But I do both(with a slight emphasis on dumbbells).

Interestingly enough, I have found that I can do more weight and more reps with dumbbells than a friend of mine can, while my friend can do more weight and reps with a barbell than I can. I thought that was kind of strange, but the numbers aren't too drastically different, so it's probably not indicative of much.