Dumbbell Muscle Clean Missed, Form Review Please

Could I have some feedback please, as to why I might have missed the dumbbell muscle clean. I know it is a bit heavy for me. But think I might make it with a little help from the t-nation

Well, it’s hard for me to tell you that this weight was WAY too heavy - as I’m not the one lifting it.

But I will say that whenever I find myself in the predicament of struggling under a Dumbbell as much as you did - I’m going to miss the lift for sure.

What is the heaviest DB you can clean full movement? Based on my calibrated eyeball scales, I’d wager this is about 20lbs too heavy for you, if not more.

I should clarify. You are trying to do a Dumbbell Clean, correct?

I did 50 kg fairly comfortably in the same workout . 54kg is difficult to grip. I am happy that my grip was much better. I am considering dipping to catch it in a lower position but I find doing do hard .
The 50kg I did had good height but it kept moving towards my neck rather than my shoulder.
46 kg I can clean easily and press for two.

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Understood, this is a lot of weight!

It looks like you lack a bit of core stability, based on the shakiness of the movement (my mid-section gets all shaky on heavy OH presses as well, it is my weak point).
I would stick with your lighter (not really ‘lighter’) weights and try to get some more reps in to help with any deficiencies on your heavier lift. I would also suggest some overhead carries to help with the core stability and shoulder pocketing.

Still, you’re lifting some incredible weights as always.

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I used to do them very often with 100lb dB one inch handle. This was probably due to the popularity of the kettleble movements , dB snatch and clean.
My best was cleaning 60 kg barbell to the shoulder with one hand. This was in my twenties and early thirties though. 43 now. I stopped in part due to the risk of injury if get the movement a little wrong especially with snatch.
I don’t think the weight is anything special. It’s just most people haven’t tried the movement.

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Honestly that just looks way too heavy for you. Ask yourself why you are doing them. What’s your goal?

If it were me, I’d lower the weight substantially so I could get some clean, explosive reps. I would suggest not using the single arm DB clean and press as a movement that’s at or near a 1RM, but instead incorporate them in a strength/conditioning circuit.

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