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Dumbbell lifts

Hey all, I’m somewhat new to the lifting world, I’ve been lifting in the college gym for about 8 months now and I’ve seen great strength increase, I’ve lost 20 lbs. since I started and am now at the weight I was at when I wrestled in high school. But now with work and my new school schedule I’m not free to lift when any gym is open in the area. I bought a set of dumbbells and now I’m strugleing to think of variable lifts to do at home. Any Ideas? I’m looking for a little more mass, especially in the lats and chest. But I don’t want to neglect the other body parts, I know with the minimal amount of weight I have my thighs will get neglected for mass trainning. So any Ideas for dumbbells?

Dumbells can be used for virtually any lift you’d use a barbell on. Bench, rows, OH press, etc. In addition, you can do some movements that you CAN’T do with a barbell – flyes (standing, bent, or bench), bent-press (though strictly this CAN be done with a barbell, it’s MUCH earier with dumbells), one-arm rows, or any parellel grip lift. You can also do weighted lunges and the equivalent of trap-bar deadlifts (though these can be hard on the thighs dragging the weight over them).

Check out the powerblock site. Since they are selling adjustable dumbells, they have a whole bunch of workouts for dumbells on the web site.

Stiff-leg deadlifts, snatch, cleans, and rows.