Dumbbell Internal/External Rotations - Very Concerned...

Okay, on tuesday 17th February I decided to work my RC muscles to strengthen them for my weight training. I used 7kg Dumbbells and did 8-10 reps, and to be fair was probably using too much (should have gone for 10-12 reps really on a lighter weight). Anyway, I had no pain during or after the exercise, and was sore the following day around the deltoid region - most probably the subscapularis. this was sore for about 2 days (normal for most muscles), and by yesterday (Friday) it was completely gone. However, yesterday at around midday a strange ache in my deltoid region started to come on (not painful), but sporadic and occasional i.e. maybe every couple of hours for a few minutes on and off. It then went until the evening again. I had no trouble sleeping as it seemed to go before that stage.

The only other thing I can think could have triggered it was a friend lightly punching me on my deltoid region (although not by any means hard). There is no bruising, nor educed ROM, no pain whilst exercising. I had a workout today, and as no soreness remained did my arms (biceps and triceps). No exercise caused any pain, although the ache did come on during the session, and eased whilst I was exercising. I must emphasise however that on exercises such as the bench press etc (close grip bench press) ones shoulders are obviously used quite a lot, yet there was no pain or increased aching from that. So is this just muscle fatigue, or an RC issue? I am not having another gym session until Thursday anyway, so have a good rest until then. I also have an ultrasound machine ( a mini 1Mhz one, as my uncle who was a PT and sadly dead now, gave me one).

Any advice would be great, as I am getting concerned!!

well, i have tendonitis and bursitis in my RC and get very achey and tight in the delt and trap areas, from doing re/prehab work, try foam rolling and maybe some SMR work with a tennis ball or something like it… check out Eric Cressey’s articles on the shoulders for help

Okay. Any other advice based on my post? I have used an ultrasound machine on it (whcih I have from a rleative), and can try taking some NSAIDS, to ensure this turns into nothing.