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Dumbbell Handles

I have recently outgrown my standard 14inch dumbell handles. I am looking to find a suitable replacement as the sets of dumbbells are too expensive. I have found these;

Big Boy Dumbbell Bars


or these (having trouble with the decision)

IMPROVED! Three-For Nesting Husky Handle DB Bars


The only problem with these is that the ends are 1-1/16 and I am pretty sure the standard grey plates (which I own a shitload) are 1 inch holes. So I will ahve to have them turned down:(

Does anyone have any suggestions or other possible options.


any suggestions???

[quote]keaster wrote:
any suggestions???[/quote]

Call the company using the phone number on their “Contact Us” link and ask them. Measure the holes in your plates before doing so. It seems odd to me that they would make a product that wouldn’t fit any standard or olympic plates. Afterall, who would buy a db bar that can’t hold any plates???

What annoyed me is that you can’t enlarge the product photos, which are too small to show any detail.


[quote]keaster wrote:
any suggestions???[/quote]

Reread the page dude. The big boys hold Olympic size plates and the Husky’s that you link to hold standards plates, says so right at the bottom. They also make husky bars that only hold Olympic size plates.