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Dumbbell Curl or Dumbbell Hammer Curl?

Hey -
I’ve just been writing my new program and I’m trying to keep each day within around 4 exercises.
For my arms day - forearms,biceps etc.
I have become stuck deciding between hammer curl or db curl.

I’m drawn to hammer curl but whats your opinion?

incline db curl - don’t cheat, go all the way down

I have done both hammer and alternating curls, not a lot of difference for me between the two. You could also alternate each week/workout - workout 1 do hammer, workout 2 do db curl, …

Hmm only problem with the incline curl is I don’t have an incline bench.
But I do look your second idea, thanks man!

Don’t have an arms day. Do more rows and pull-ups.

i generally start with barbell curl followed by preacher … then incline dumbell curls, then hammer at lower weights , and end my biceps routine with CONCENTRATION …

[quote]colonelquack wrote:
Don’t have an arms day. Do more rows and pull-ups.[/quote]

What he said. Weighted pull-ups.

For at least four months, I did NO ancillary small-muscle work. Just rows, pull-ups, squats, deads (I didn’t, but I should have), benches, and military presses. I got a LOT stronger.

i agree with that doing more pulling. i got stress fractures in my forearms and i cant curl but all the pull ups are taking care of my biceps nicely. i still want to do curls but pulling is my priority from now on.
also i have tried hammer curls to see how they feel, and i dont think that works anything.

zottman curls

I’ve tried zottman curls before, they was a little to easy for me at the weight I’m trying to progress with… Where as hammer curls are still rather difficult…I am going to try to get my pull up bar up - it’s supposed to sit between the door frame but the bugger keeps falling down everytime I jump up on to it.

One vote for pinwheel curls.

[quote]inthego wrote:
zottman curls[/quote]

2nd these.

If they are too easy; use more weight.

I usually do them in a drop set (heavy weight allll the way down to the lightest 5lb db i can find)

If your doing them at home and don’t want to drop weight each time; heavy load and G o v e r y s l o w

I just did them last night; killer workout.

But between the two curls in your original post; they both work different heads. Alternate.