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Dumbbell Clean Press

How exactly is this lift performed, from the ground, or let the dumbbells hang in front of you? Thanks for any info

2 ways to do them: 1) do a clean & then all the presses or 2) do a clean & a press on each rep. Clean & press for reps (one of each on each rep) is a really good finisher. :slight_smile:

If you are referring to the DB Clean and Presses in my Article; this is how to perform them:

The Dumbell Clean and Press is one of the most demanding, toughest compound movements out there (that's probably why you havn't heard much about it). Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and the dumbbells hanging between your legs. Swing the 'bells back between your legs and then clean them to your clavicles while keeping the 'bells as close to your body as possible. Brace the "clean" movement by dropping into a quarter squat as the 'bells approach your clavicles. Powerfully snap your quads into a lockout position while simultaneously pressing the 'bells above your head. Reverse the movement, concentrating on resisting the weight with your triceps, and then once the 'bells hit your clavicles, let them free-fall between your legs. Repeat for the desired number of reps (5 in this case).

Doug Hepburn has the biggest clean & press I think, with 175s.

check out mike mahler’s article at intensity magazine. he used kettlebells, but the movement is basically the same.